The Four Cycle Course of Study

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Respondere –The First Cycle of study introduces you to Universal Law, teaching the concepts and skills needed to effectively use these laws in your life. As you study, you will come to understand situations and circumstances from their point of origin – your thoughts. This awareness enhances your ability to respond in your everyday life and to knowingly initiate the fulfillment of your desires. Responsibility is explored spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically thus increasing your sense of freedom and creativity. You learn how to better direct your mental attitudes as well as your actions bringing goodwill, health, and prosperity into your life.

The weekly lesson material teaches the structure and function of the mind. This series focuses on development of the conscious, waking mind and control of the physical body and senses. In addition to the Universal Laws, you will be studying lessons on the power of the will, mental healing, the projection of love, creativity, relaxing and recharging the body, life force energies, dreams, visualization, communication, emotions, and much more. Through assigned spiritual and mental exercises you will develop skill in concentration, memory, listening, visualization, and meditation. Stillpoint FocusTM becomes the foundation upon which every mental skill is built.

In our lessons, a distinction is made between concentration and meditation. Concentration consists of trained attention freed from distractions and focused on your chosen interests. Meditation is a special form of concentration in which the attention has been liberated from restlessness and focused on listening to your Higher Self or the Creator. Meditation is concentration used to expand Self awareness of your relationship with your inner Self and all of creation. The rewards of meditation are apparent as one examines the lives of the creative geniuses and spiritual masters of the world. The greater the accomplishment, the greater the attunement with the higher levels of consciousness. Ultimately, meditation is a going within to the inner levels of consciousness, an attunement and alignment of the entire being to the Creator within Self. The first two stages of meditation – expectant listening and expectant observation – are practiced during this cycle of lessons.

Energy work comes in many forms, all springing from breath. Learning how to breathe is a fascinating study in reflective consciousness. You learn that what ties the soul to the body is breath. Here is the key to wealth, prosperity, and abundance in all its manifestations. Breathwork becomes a key to communication, emotional acceptance and control, vitality and longevity, mental clarity and command. Forty life forms are taught during this cycle of lessons that, when practiced daily, keep the mind and body healthy and in sync.

In-depth study in the significance of nighttime dreams begins in this series and continues throughout the educational program. You will become versed in the language of the mind, a language foreign to most. Our research has revealed two universal principles which guide dreaming: every dream is about the dreamer and every person, place and thing in the dream represents the dreamer. By learning to consciously interpret the messages from your subconscious mind, inner knowledge is accessed and can be used in your waking life causing greater harmony between your conscious and subconscious minds. Exploring head and heart intelligence frees the mind to directly experience the soul opening the door to experience in the inner levels of consciousness beyond the physical plane.

Students have applied what is learned in this series in a wide range of endeavors. High school and college students have improved their grades by using increased concentration while artists and writers have learned how to move beyond creative “blocks” by knowing how to set the mind into directive action. Some students have conquered insomnia by learning to relax the mind and body and control the senses, others have overcome speech impediments to become accomplished public speakers by learning to control the expression of thought and emotion. Some have accelerated their career opportunities by applying principles learned, while others have enhanced ability in sports or cultural skills through visualization. According to their individual needs and desires, students discover they can more fully direct their mental powers toward improvement and success in any endeavor. Most students discover a greater inner peace which reflects in their relationships with others. All students experience greater Self mastery, enjoying more fulfilling lives.

When the student has completed all assignments, papers, and laboratory requirements, his instructor recommends him to the National Education Committee which awards the Certificate of Completion for the Respondere.  Students completing this cycle are eligible to apply for full time study at the College of Metaphysics.


Qui Docet Discit – The Second Cycle of lessons explores the inner levels of the lower subconscious mind offering instruction in understanding and use of its abilities. Lessons in visualization explain the integral relationship between the waking mind and the inner recreative faculty. Expertise is built in transforming daydreaming into directed imagery for the fulfillment of desires. The creation of thought is defined and practiced as the essence of clear communication, and the student learns to project and receive thoughts with control thus becoming consciously aware of the power of influence, whether his own or that of others. Intuitive sciences including thought form creation, amplification, resonance, and reception are experienced bringing previously mysterious abilities out into the open. Through experiencing telepathy, clairvoyance, or psychokinesis on purpose, the student removes misconceptions he or she may have learned thus freeing self from the doubt and fear such ideas spawn.

Out-of-body experiences are investigated as the student learns to utilize the refined, inner level bodies as a vehicle for experiencing. Both inner and outer projections of consciousness introduce the student to existences beyond the physical body. One way this is practiced occurs during dream states, where the student learns how to induce, continue, and replay dreams. Command of what is commonly called lucid dreaming is gained and precognitive dreams are explored.

Further instruction in ever-deepening meditative states brings greater communion with the Higher Self and all of creation. The student learns to exist within, apart from the physical body and sensory experience, by harnessing the life force energies that feed the inner levels of the subconscious mind. Concepts of energy transformation as demonstrated in the lower chakras aid in understanding the relationship between creative mind and substance. This enhances the student’s ability to produce wholeness and health in Self and others.

In addition to lesson material and spiritual disciplines, advanced study includes a wide variety of reading material. In-class study of the world’s Holy Scriptures in the language of mind include the Bhagavad Gita, a portion of the world’s longest poem, the Mahabarata, and the Book of Revelation in the Bible.  Application of what is learned occurs out of the classroom through laboratory work.  Leadership skills are developed in several areas of service to the community where students live, and teaching is a requirement for earning the Qui Docet Discit.  When the student has completed all assignments, papers, and laboratory requirements, the instructor recommends the student to the National Education Committee which awards the Certificate of Completion for the Qui Docet Discit.


Doctis Divinus –The Third Cycle of lessons continues the exploration of subconscious mind into the more subtle energies and consciousness of the nonphysical mind. Memory is developed in the inner levels of mind resulting in direct glimpses of past experiences. In subconscious mind the Akashic Record is found and can be accessed for learning and growth. Imagination in the inner levels develops “second” sight, vision of what is unseen by the conscious mind. The capacity to perceive lines of probability are refined as the means to interpret images is learned. For both intuitive memory and intuitive imaging, expertise comes in proportion to the desire and willingness to practice. The benefits in life run the gamut from knowing which person to marry and why to knowing how to bring agreement between your “head” and your “heart. In fact, the entrainment of the inner and outer self, the subconscious and conscious minds, is taught through this cycle. The student discovers his/her soul mate.

Dream work evolves becoming increasing lucid. The student begins to distinguish the origin and purpose of dream communication. Dreaming becomes a familiar means for access to subconscious levels of existence, and the need for sleep decreases as the ability to consciously assimilate experiences improves. Visualization evolves beyond a series of techniques to an integrated command of thought. Increasingly each thought is created consciously, with purpose, and previously imaged thoughts can be viewed, reviewed and sometimes altered on their way to physical manifestation.

The third and fourth stages of meditation are experienced as the student learns how to create the states of consciousness described as expectant experiencing and expectant identity. Stillpoint FocusTM applied toward the direct experiencing of subconscious mind empowers the student to know Self in ways not possible previously. Now the student can harmonize his own mind and harmonize his mind with others’ minds to deeper understanding, connection, and communication. The parent now knows the child, the husband/wife the spouse, the employee the manager, and so forth.

Applying intelligence and energy toward creating balance and wholeness brings greater understanding of the power to heal. Freeing the mind to perceive existing causes and initiate new ones, opens the door to permanent healing. Pranayama (breathwork) is now integrated in the functioning of subconscious and conscious minds as a whole, functional unit. Talents previously taken for granted are now accepted by the maturing conscious mind and the individual’s dharma, what he has to offer the world, becomes clear.

In addition to lesson material and spiritual disciplines, advanced study includes a wide variety of reading material. In-class study of the world’s Holy Scriptures in the language of mind include the Dhammapada and theTao Te Ching. Application of what is learned occurs through service to the community and expanded teaching.  A thesis and oral examination are also required for earning the Certificate of Completion of the Doctis Divinus. Upon successful completion of all requirements, formal application is submitted to the National Education Committee which award this certificate to qualifying students.


Homo Doctus –The Fourth Cycle of lessons introduces the student to the principles which cause the laws of the universe to function. The impetus from which the universe was initiated, the scientific big bang and spiritual creation, is the pouring of transcendent energy into arrangements of space and expansion through the field of time. As soon as this energy enters the field of time, it breaks into pairs of opposites of duality. The one becomes two. With two we discover three ways to relate; one dominates, or the other dominates, or the two are balanced. Thus the two opens the way to the three. Out of these three manners of relationship all things within the four quarters of space are derived and the multiplicity of creation is born. The revelation of consciousness pursued in this final series enables the many to become one.

Focusing on the origin of consciousness and its expression in the superconscious levels of mind, this series offers instruction in transcendent consciousness resulting in realization of the whole Self. Most people live but a fractional image of what exists. The quest to know what gives life, breadth, and depth culminates in the individual evolution as a creative center from which universes and all things come. Advanced instruction in meditation teaches the student to exist beyond vibratory creation, becoming the creator of vibration. The enlightened consciousness sees the diverse and the unity in everything, never losing the sense of form. Consciousness becomes reality for the master or mystic whether in waking or dream states. Knowing the secrets of visualization and the qualities of thought which govern higher energy transformation prepare the thinker to exist and live in all levels of consciousness simultaneously. The integration of awareness in every level of expression of energy produces the transcendent states characterized by the arousal of what is known in the East as Kundalini.

From the periodic chart of elements to the Biblical lineage of Adam to Jesus, from the DNA structure of the physical body to the mystical teachings of the Upanishads, this series explores quantum physics from its metaphysical origin. By uniting the precepts and reasoning of Western science with the yogic and intuitive teachings of the East, the student develops a universal consciousness of humanity’s shared purpose for existence.

When all requirements for this series are fulfilled, including an assigned dissertation, the candidate makes formal application for oral examination to the National Education Committee which award the Certificate of Completion of the Homo Doctus.

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