Spiritual Focus Sessions: Where freedom means responsibility

Spiritual Focus Sessions: Where freedom means responsibility


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Where Freedom Means Responsiblity

TS: My Meditation Evaluation talks about obligation…I need to listen to it a couple of times in order to fully understand what it’s saying. It said my subconscious mind is fulfilling more than its side of the bargain in terms of creating conscious desires. However my conscious mind is not fulfilling its obligation for providing understanding back into the subconscious mind to provide soul growth and that, this having occurred, this is causing a slow depletion of energy. Do you have any insights to understand that a little bit better?

Dr. Daniel Condron: Did you ever hear about these robber barons who got filthy rich and then towards the end of their life they decide, oh, I better do something for humanity so they build up libraries and different things? I guess they realized that what they did their whole life was wrong and they’re trying to make amends or do something better but it’s way too late to accomplish their soul purpose for what they’re here for. Their soul purpose is not to be this richest person on earth or make lots of money. That is not their soul purpose. They used their subconscious mind the power of their subconscious mind to do that, but they didn’t give back to their soul and towards the end of their life they realized it. So later on they try to catch up, but it’s too late. It’s good they do what they do and they ought to do it all, give much more than they take. 
I was watching a documentary on (Andrew) Carnegie and it was towards the end of his life that he realized he needed to do something. So he sold the company and he had all of this money. He’d run countless people out of business so he could have a monopoly in the steel industry. When he realized that he needed to do something, he started giving money. Then the writer’s made a statement, that it was “too late.” He couldn’t give it out as fast as it would make money for him, meaning his wealth was drawing interest, his money was making money. And I never believed that statement for an instant because Carnegie could write a check out for the whole amount, for every penny he had and just give the total amount. It takes thirty seconds, a minute, to write a check. I never believed what the documentary was trying to say, the idea that someone would say, “I’ve got so much money! I’m trying to give it out but I just can’t give it out fast enough.” Even to Carnegie’s dying day he never changed his attitude and his security was always in physical things instead of in spiritual things. He did not fulfill his purpose for this lifetime. He wasn’t connected. It was me, me, me, and there can be no expansion of consciousness when all of your attention is on your ego. 
So, that’s the road, you have that choice, and there is everything in between. One person gives their whole life for the enlightenment of the world, a Buddha, for instance, while another person does their whole life for me, me, me, and everything in between. You’ve got the choice of how much or all if you want to go one way or another. Period. You will never be satisfied or lead a fulfilling life unless you include other people. The more people you include in your riches, wealth, prosperity and abundance – whether it’s mental, emotional, or physical, and it needs to be all three – the more you will lead a fulfilling life because you will be fulfilling your subconscious soul’s understandings. The conscious and subconscious minds can then be given to superconscious mind. 

TS: So disconnect myself from others in terms of using my abilities as a creator and personal desires toward the physical, somewhat causes a separation between the conscious and subconscious mind, or at the very least doesn’t do anything toward my conscious minds obligation towards the subconscious mind? Living life more toward service and taken into account the needs of others and what I can provide towards the greater good of everybody would be in alignment with creating understandings for my subconscious mind?

Dr. Dan: Do you know why this country is so rich, the wealthiest country in the world? It’s also the most powerful, but power comes from the wealth.

TS: I was thinking about that the other day and I was thinking because of our foreign aid, because we give so much.

Dr. Dan: But why do we have so much to give? Because we have more to give than other countries too. The wealthiest countries could give a lot more in proportion with what the U.S. gives. 

RK: Greed. People’s greed.

Dr. Barbara Condron: Greed makes you poor.

Dr. Dan: (The United States is wealthy) because of freedom and responsibility. The freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States. Freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of religion. We are free to a assemble; to move from one state to the other without needing a visa. 
All these freedoms give us the freedom to create. 
Then we have as the backbone of our country people who were responsible in this country. “A nation of shop keepers.” To have a successful business, you’ve got to be responsible. You’ve got to respond to the situation and cause it to work to make more profit or you’re out of business. From the very start this country was founded upon freedoms and responsibility, and those things have caused this nation to produce wealth and abundance. Other nations have resources like Brazil, tremendous resources, and China, but until recently they were poor countries. Other countries have almost no resources, like Japan or England, yet these become dominant in the world. Why? For long range wealth, prosperity and abundance there has to freedoms and there has to be responsibility with it. 
In my example with Andrew Carnage, he was very greedy. He did produce wealth; however, that is not sustainable wealth and it will not last for two hundred years in a country. Other countries have become independent, like colonial Spain all through Central and South America. They had more greedy people than responsible people; therefore, that leads to dictatorship; therefore, that leads to cutting down of freedoms; therefore, that leads to poverty. But this country (U.S.) has always had people who cared about other people and wanted to be responsible. This sense of responsible freedom creates safety. You feel safe here, and in a lot of countries you don’t feel safe going any place. 
I tell people, students in the School of Metaphysics and people who ask me, this country is the most spiritual country on Earth. And they say I thought India was or I thought Macchu Picchu was or I thought this or that place! I say no this is the most spiritual country. When they ask why, I tell them. Because we have freedom in this country and we have responsibility, and that produces prosperity. 
This is something that has just come to me in the past week. I thought how many battleships has Afghanistan produced? We’ve been producing battleships for almost a hundred years now in this country. How many battleships has Afghanistan produced? Or India or Nigeria or Brazil. How many airplanes have they invented or produced? How many labor-saving devices have they invented or produced? How many computers have they invented or produced? They may manufacture them there because the U.S. ships a factory there, but have they developed an industry and built it up themselves? No. 
Why are we a hundred years a head of them and more in being able to do all these things? Consciousness. What’s the consciousness? Freedom and responsibility. We try to, as an overall population, keep that consciousness of responsibility. When people get greedy in this country, they separate themselves through their irresponsibility. We have antitrust (laws) and (violators) are held accountable. 
This leads to the question of, “What is your responsibility?” It’s the responsibility of the whole country obviously. All those people who came before you provided this place so you could incarn here and exist. You’ve got some responsibility to give back because you had the opportunity to incarn, or to emigrate, here. Something was already made for you. 
What is also your responsibility, (is) your responsibility to your soul. Why? Because that’s the real you. That’s the eternal you, not the physical body and the conscious mind. 
These are top priorities, to give back where you received from. Everything that you do in the physical world, you’re welcome to be rich, you’re welcome to fulfill all desires. There needs to be that understanding of that contractual agreement within you that you made before you incarned to give to your soul and to give to other souls in your environment. Particularly this country. 
In order to gain the most fulfillment this lifetime, you are going to fulfill your soul. That’s where the real fulfillment is and you’re going to have to do those things. You got a real good deal incarning in this country as we all did. Otherwise why would all these people be trying to get in here? Why aren’t they trying to get into China or into Russia? 

Dr. Barbara: The seed idea that the founding fathers created our country on had yet to exist on this planet. This is reflected in the Constitution, the doctrine that they left us and the form of government that they left us to nurture and to use and to respond to and to learn from. It is the destiny of the whole planet to be able to evolve to that level of government, because so much of it depends on self government. Individual people governing themselves. Much of the world still doesn’t have that yet. 
So in the last hundred years, America has moved itself to be a force on the planet. For instance, the Peace Corps movement, is a wonderful idea for interacting with people around the world. So is the Red Cross. The learning in these are how to harmonize with your environment and then teach, then give. The old way of thinking was like, “We can solve your problems! You don’t have to starve, you can produce food!” We’d move in thinking we’re helping by teaching how to farm but the people did not have the background and the desire that comes from that backdground to continue helping themselves without guidance. We have yet to learn how to be effective in being able to help someone elevate their consciousness. 
There’s a good example of this in the humanitarian food rations being dropped in Afghanistan. It sounds great. The experts say we’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to feed people with balanced nutrition. Then they show the package. The directions on it are in English and Spanish. Being a thinker, I’m wondering how many of these people who receive the rations speak English and Spanish? So I put myself over there. “If I’m in this horrid terrain, and this thing drops out of the sky at 50 miles an hour, I’m more prone to run for cover than think this is food. About 20 years ago a movie was made “The gods must be crazy”. It’s about an aborigine who finds a coke bottle. There’s a great lesson in that movie that we still haven’t learned from. 
In order for us to really be helpful and a force for good in the world, we have to expand our consciousness to realize that these people don’t see news. They don’t read newspapers or see television everyday. They haven’t received an internet world education. Some can’t read in their own language. They have no point of reference like what is available to Americans. 
We are wealthy in all ways. Now we must understand the wealth, what causes the wealth, to be able to help our own children, to raise them in a profitable way for the soul. The urge to help others is strong in most Americans. We must mature our desire to help the rest of the world because we are all one planet. Technology has put the world in our living rooms. We now know that people on the other side of the world really do look just like us, they really do want the same things we do, you know they really do have children, they really do love and think about goodness. Ultimately we are all one race. That has only been able to be in the human consciousness of U.S. citizens in the last fifty years, largely because of technology. Our country had to go through a civil war, two world wars, civil rights movement, to even get to that place. Maybe other people will need these experiences to mature, too. 
Americans do not like to see people suffer, yet we do not have the power to remove suffering. We can however show mercy. As in all Holy Scriptures of the world, mercy means to teach. It’s not putting yourself up as an authority saying, “I forgive you” nor is it groveling in like misery saying, “I feel your pain.” Showing mercy is teaching through example and instruction. When you know your own value, you are free to respond to and for the goodness of all concerned. Such a person is indeed prosperous.
There’s no end to the work to be done. The American Dream is much bigger than having a house, a car, a job, all those physical things that can be so distracting and that we’ve been taught life is about – that we train our kids life is about. The question becomes, “Is aquiring things really what I’m here to do? Is it really what we as a nation are here to do?” Each person has to answer that.
Ever since I was a child I thought the destiny of the world was to be a United States. In 7th grade georgraphy class, I wondered why Canada and Mexico weren’t states like Missouri and Texas and Florida. Since then I’ve learned man’s reasons, and I still wonder why. And how. And when.
A journalist once asked the Dalai Lama, “When do you think Tibet will be free?” 
His answer, “When China is free.”
That about explains everything.•


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