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Intuitive Reports

What is an Intuitive Report?

An Intuitive Report from the School of Metaphysics reveals the intentions of the soul in this lifetime and describes the means to fulfill that destiny. A report enhances Self awareness in an incomparable way. It transforms the recipient's consciousness in direct proportion to her own desire for change and his own willingness to respond. Intuitive Reports are at their best revelatory and at their least, mind expanding.

What is a Spiritual Focus Session?

The time and space to redefine and commit to what is most important to you

Each Spiritual Focus Session is mentored by a trio of metaphysicians, teachers, healers, and counselors, who dedicate this time to your spiritual enlightenment. Whether creating a river of life or mind mapping your dreams, what you learn this weekend is meant to be used often and shared with those you love.

Each weekend features a lecture and Q&A with authors on the topic of the weekend.

"Creativity is the hub or core of who we are and what we do. Thank you for continuing to help me be the best I can be."–Mandy C., referral relations, Des Moines, IA

Each weekend affords participants to be present for an Intuitive Report designed specifically for that session by Dr. Barbara Condron and Dr. Daniel Condron. Daniel offers individual counsel in the group setting to insure that participants gain the greatest benefit from the information received.

Each weekend students receive meditation instruction, dream interpretation, chi movements and breathwork which support new ways of thinking and being.

"I have changed!" – Liam M., professional athlete, Canon City, CO


Each weekend is held at the Moon Valley Ranch where participants receive bed and board for the weekend. College of Metaphysics chefs draw upon organic garden and orchard to prepare outstanding meals appealing to your tastes and healthy for your body. Nurturing your body is an important part of soul growth and progression. This weekend everything you taste, smell, see, hear, and feel will have this intention in mind.

Each weekend has its own unique offerings. You may step into the sacred hoop or burn a dharma devil on the campfire. What you experience this weekend will serve as the transition you need to leave the old behind and initiate the new.

"This weekend has helped me to understand the silence between the words and thoughts. It has encouraged me to open myself to silence, to invest in the truth of silence. I will recommend this session to others." –Barker D., sound engineer, Boulder, CO

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Course of Study

Who studies?

Everyone! Artists, bakers, construction workers, dentists, engineers, florists, geologists, hairstylists, insurance salespeople, judges, kindergarten teachers, landscapers, managers, nurses, office workers, painters, receptionists, social workers, telecommunication experts, vocational education teachers, writers, and many more. From 18 to 80, our students come from all backgrounds, cultures, races, and faiths. It is our vision that each person on the planet studies at least the first cycle of lessons.

What is the study?

Metaphysics is the combination of two words “meta” which means beyond and “physics” which means nature, or the physical world. Metaphysics, as we teach it, is the study and application of the Universal Laws and Truths that govern the inner worlds and have their manifestation in our daily lives. From ATTRACTION to RESONANCE to PROSPERITY, our universe is guided by unseen principles that are the key to health, wealth, longevity and peace of mind. The School of Metaphysics offers a four-tier course of study where you will enjoy the time and space to explore and develop your command of super-natural and extra-ordinary capabilities available to every individual.

Imagine studying the human energy field that emanates from your thoughts and body for three weeks. Then move to a week of learning the equation for success in any endeavor. Next learn the profound connection between your breath and the state of your consciousness as you begin practicing meditation. From lessons on positive thinking to mental healing, you learn how to turn experience into compassion, understanding into expertise, all the while studying the language of dreams. This is education at it finest. This is where you begin.

Why study metaphysics?

In order to understand the mysteries of creation, you must first understand Self. To enable you to know your Self, we teach the ten essential life skills. Through harnessing mental abilities like Self respect, Concentration, Listening, Reasoning, Imagination, and Breath, you will become more successful, abundant, and prosperous in every area of your life.

How long does the course last?

The School of Metaphysics offers a four-cycle course of study for developing and mastering Self.  Each cycle includes proximity 24 lessons designed to explore, develop, research, and master specific skills for unifying spirit, mind, and body. Students advance at their own rate of speed.

Are there prerequisites for application?

The only prerequisite for this course is a desire and willingness to change.

Where is the study offered?

The course of study is taught in branches in the United States and through correspondence with a teacher who resides at the College of Metaphysics. A wide range of publications and productions are available for home study as well as a membership organization (SOMA) online.

How do I begin?

If you live near a branch of the School of Metaphysics you can visit us or contact us by phone. Ten weeks can make a diference!

If you are at a distance, you can contact our world headquarters to request further information. Please state your interest and list your postal information and phone number.

Short-term weekend study at our college is open to anyone. Investigate what is available online. You can also order books, tapes, videos online.

The School of Metaphysics four-tiered course of study in Mastering Consciousness is offered on a weekly basis in cities in the United States and, for those abroad, through correspondence with a College of Metaphysics teacher. This course is the essence of School of Metaphysics teachings from which all SOM offerings spring

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