Intuitive Reports Offered

Select Report below, click on request link, print request form, fill it out and mail with contribution to :
School of Metaphysics World Headquarters.
163 Moon Valley Road
Windyville, Missouri 65783 USA

Past Life Profile: 
Relates a significant past lifetime and why it is important to the present learning. Read a Past Life Profile from the Intuitive Research Archives of the College of Metaphysics.
Click here to Request Past Life Profile

Past Life Crossing Profile: 
Relates a significant past lifetime shared between two people and how to create a more harmonious association in the present life.
Click here to Request Past Life Crossing

Past Life Family Profile:
Relates a significant past lifetime shared between up to five family members and gives suggestions for improved relationship of the entire family.
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Time Of Birth: (contact local branch)

Intuitive Health Analysis:
Explains the state of health for an individual mentally, emotionally, and physically as well as what can be improved in all three areas. Why do we experience pain?
Click here to Request Health Analysis

Intuitive Business Analysis: 
Helps a business to understand and manifest its mission as well as improve performance of employees and every key facet of the business.
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