Where there is creation there is life

Where there is creation there is life. Where there is life there is love and awareness and hope.•

We are all creators, here to create so we may come to know our true nature. This creative urge constantly pushes out into our conscious minds as the desire to give, master, and understand. It manifests as our desire for movement: for learning, discovery, self-awareness and fulfillment and continually exists within us whether we are aware of it or not.

Sometimes we can misinterpret this inner pushing from within. We may not understand it and try to push back or fight the natural unfoldment of our consciousness. When this desire for movement is misinterpreted it can manifest as pain in the form of fear, anger, resentment, guilt, depression or any other negative thought. This restricted consciousness closes down our ability to create. We lose the sense of power, freedom, and peace. The more we give attention to this restricted image the stronger it becomes, overpowering our own inherent power to create. Giving attention to this misunderstanding becomes a point of distraction experienced in the outer mind as pain.

Many think that pain is bad but in reality pain is valuable for it brings the attention to that which is dis-eased, not in sync with health or wholeness, be it physical, emotional or mental. A negative thought or sense of disturbance is an alert to the consciousness that it has gotten off track from its true nature. This point of distraction is, in fact, a point of awakening. Identifying the cause of the discomfort restores power into the consciousness for forward movement, growth and fulfillment

An Intuitive Health Analysis identifies the cause of whatever pain you are experiencing be it physical, emotional or mental. Identifying the source of pain means you know where it’s coming from. Identifying the source of this affliction awakens you from an unconscious state to the light of a new day where your eyes are cleared and you can see what you couldn’t see before. You are enlightened to the point of knowing now the cause of distress. Knowing this can bring a deep sense of relief; you have released your thoughts from a prison of restriction and are free to create again.

“This one becomes easily burdened. We see that the way in which this one thinks is conducive to this one desiring much movement and action and accomplishment, but it is misinterpreted by this one and therefore this one does tend to look at the self’s needs and other’s needs as putting a burden upon her. Therefore this one does steal from the self the joy of life, and the ability for freedom and expressiveness of movement, of grace, of dignity, and of love that this one would find desirable.”

“The inward push to create and give has been misinterpreted as a push from the outside which oppresses this one. The creative spirit toward life has been pressed, suppressed, oppressed and depressed. Because she views life’s experiences as being imposed upon her, she feels powerless to respond, angry at her situation, and a victim of circumstance. The consciousness that she is molding and recreating by the continual attention on this negative image has become her attitude toward life. The original thought has been lost and buried in her consciousness. She is only aware now that she is not happy and irritable toward people around her without knowing exactly why. Now that the original thought of burden has been brought to the surface of her consciousness again, she has something to respond to.
In the Health Analysis suggestions are given as to how to restore the consciousness to a state of forward movement.

“Would suggest that this can be changed by this one lifting the burden from her shoulders by imaging very clearly herself as being open and loving and embracing of what comes to her, rather than weighted down by it. In essence would suggest this one use a mental image of throwing off a cloak of burden and opening her arms and embracing what is before her.”

The suggestion gives this individual a clear and specific action whenever she begins to experience the sensation of being burdened. She commented on how easy it was to image herself throwing off the cloak of burden and reaching out with an embracing attitude. Besides this recommendation, there were other specific suggestions that could be easily implemented into this one’s life to remedy the restricted attitude and replace it with one that was more expanded.

“Would suggest this one fill the self with light in whatever way she knows. Whether it is through meditation, or through wearing light clothing, being in light places, or turning on more lights where this one is. Light is very important to this one and can be a stimulus for transformation in the way that this one views life … Would suggest that this one purposefully pursue something each day which this one derives enjoyment from, that this one experiences as being fun. Laughing is very important to this one. Would suggest that this one find something to laugh with or about each day as well.” (code)

At the autumn Spiritual Focus Weekend entitled First Opinion – Evoking Healing Potential each participant, upon receiving a Health Analysis, is aided to discover what attitude is stopping their creativity and to identify this as a point of awakening. At these sessions each individual awakens to a renewed sense of spirit and power, and frees their consciousness to start creating again.

Where there is creation there is life. Where there is life there is love and awareness and hope.•

©1998 Thresholds Quarterly Vol. 16 No. 2

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