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Have you ever wondered, why did I choose this family to be born into or why did I choose my mother and father for this lifetime?

But, you exclaim, I did not choose my parents. I didn’t choose the time period, day, month, and year I was born. Nor did I choose my place of birth. Neither did I choose whether I would be male or female this lifetime!



What people tell us about SOM Family Profiles . . .


Oh, yes, a part of you did choose. Each individual is endowed with free will and has this free will whether incarned in the physical level of consciousness or not, whether before or after a lifetime.

I choose a farm family in which there were many aunts and uncles, grandparents and cousins from both sides of the family living in close proximity? Why did I choose to be born the same year that the double helix structure of DNA was discovered? Why did I choose to be born in 1953, a year in which there was a conjunction of Saturn and Neptune which only occurs every 144 years? These kinds of questions deserve an answer and I believe everyone has the right to have the answers to these and other questions about themselves, their choices and the meaning of life.

“I requested a family profile for myself, my husband, and our three sons. At the time, I felt we were functioning as five individuals, and not as a family unit. Each person was attempting to go his/her own way, and I couldn’t seem to pull (us) together . . . After receiving the family reading I then had a clear picture of the problems and personality conflicts involved. I was able to comprehend what each one of us as an individual is working on in this present lifetime, And what we are dealing with as a family unit . . . I highly recommend a family profile (for it) provides the necessary information and insights to those seeking growth in the family structure.” – LC, Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Family Profile developed by the School of Metaphysics provides insights into many questions the individual may have about Self, his upbringing, relationship with family in the present and the source of many present day difficulties and affinities. Did you ever ask yourSelf, why did dad always seem to like my brother more than me or why was mother always so strict with me but not with my sister? Or perhaps your father or mother seemed to favor you over your brothers or sisters. By investigating a past lifetime in which the family members were together, the origin of present day relationships and attitudes within the family can become more understandable.” – by Dr. Daniel R. Condron from Uncommon Knowledge

“Thank you for the information your organization has sent to me in the form of Family Profiles. I have since February 1984 received my first immediate-family reading, my second family reading in October with other members, and another with my present husband’s family in December 1991. The information we all obtained has been extremely enlightening. . . If I can ever be of service to your organization, or to any other person in question of the value of the readings I am happy to do so.” – TP, Houston, Texas

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