Past Life Profiles, Past Life Crossing and Family Profiles

Past Life Profiles, Past Life Crossing and Family Profiles are provided for individuals requesting insight into their present lifetime. Through a trained and developed use of the subconscious mind, Conductors and Intuitive Reporters work as a team to identify the causes for present day situations and circumstances in your life. Reporters are skilled in relating events recorded in mind substance as part of the Akashic Records so this information can be made available to aid you in identifying the needs of your soul. For this reason, each of these types of profiles reveals the karmic obligations of the individuals involved.

Intuitive Reporters are also adept in describing what is perceived that will accelerate the understanding necessary to relieve karmic obligations. In profiles given through the School of Metaphysics, this information is found in the significance of the past lifetime related to the present lifetime.


“Just wanted to give you some feedback on the past life profile I received from you. The life described is almost a duplicate of my present one! I have as hobbies all the things I was taught in that life. I can sew and embroider darn near anything! Also, I studied painting privately for 18 years and music (piano and organ) for nine years. The desire to be a music composer in that life also makes sense. Although I am not involved in a musical career there are many things about music (for which I have a passion!) that I simply ‘know’. I frequently find myself rearranging melodies I hear on the radio to make them more beautiful! Also I once again chose marriage and family over a career because it was ‘expected’ of me . . . In this life I am of Italian descent and marriage and family are very important to us – I have though now taken steps to fulfill some of those unresolved desires. I have not the time to go into how relevant the instructions given to not blame others and trust the creative powers of my inner mind were. In fact, that section of the tape reduced me to tears! I do hope that sometime next year I will be able to pursue studies with your school . . .” – DM, Belle Mead, New Jersey

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