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Vibrations: A Monthly Newsletter

Vibrations is a monthly newsletter that is published through the School of Metaphysics.  Each month is like a new chapter in the history of our School branches, our World Headquarters and our College of Metaphysics. We invite you to enjoy this issue and encourage you to share this with your family and friends.  For republication we ask that you obtain permission from our World Headquarters in writing. Please send all inquires:  School of Metaphysics, 163 Moon Valley Rd, Windyville, Mo.  65783.  Thanks and enjoy.


WELCOME to 2018 ! 
“Peace is achieved by those who fulfill their part of a greater plan.” – The Universal Peace Covenant

January 1, 2018   Volume 48…..No. 1

The COVER of the CURRENT ISSUE IS PLACED HERE which is a link to the pdf



Area SOM Teachers met in Indianapolis to initiate the Season of Peace.   They read the UNIVERSAL PEACE COVENANT at the Carmel, Christmas Market in Indiana.  The story of reaching out to people’s core is inside this issue of Vibrations.  Pg 14 & 15

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