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This issue of Intuition News focuses on the Intuitive Health Analyses offered by the School of Metaphysics. The health analyses give the recipient first hand information about their mental, emotional and physical health that can aid in maintaining or improving the health of the individual, if they implement and follow the suggestions given.  Think about what this can mean in the hands of a parent who wants greater clarity on how to support her/his child’s growth and development or for a teenager who wants to understand the emotional roller-coaster that can occur in high school.  With Christmas around the corner consider giving the gift that will have the greatest impact on the individual’s understanding of Self and their relationship with themselves.  See page 3 to read a complete Intuitive Health Analysis and page 7 to read excerpts from a five year old child’s report.

Also included in this newsletter is the schedule for the Spiritual Focus Sessions that will be offered next year at the College of Metaphysics.  These weekends are extended learning opportunities that focus on a specific topic such as creative energies, kundalini energy, healing or your soul’s purpose.  Look at page 2 for more information about these specific weekends and unique reports that can only be received during these special mentored learning opportunities.

There is still one session being offered this year, the Kundalini Rising November 7-9th, 2014.  You will find more information about this on page 4 of this newsletter.

On page 6 you find an article that continues the research into the use of affirmations to aid in the health of the individual.

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