includes a personal Healer’s Portrait detailing your strongest healing quality and how to better engage it for healing self and others

I want to thank you for a wonderful, insightful weekend. I thought healing would have to do with healing the physical body. I was surprised to learn how many different ways people can be a healing presence. This opened my eyes to other ways I can be of service to my patients, staff, family, and friends. I like the idea of being a healing presence. This is something I can do; I don’t need to look outside myself. I am of value and can now see how I can help others.
I liked learning about auras and how our auras can radiate peace, calm and love to others. It makes me more conscientious about my attitudes and thoughts. My Healer’s Portrait surprised me. I never pictured Gentleness. I had to look up the word before I was able to understand how it applied to me. It means generous, kind, patient, and serene. These are things I know I can do when I’m not being judgmental. This is the kind of presence I want to be.
I loved the serenity and peace at the Moon Valley Ranch during this session. The service and food were excellent. I truly felt very pampered and special. IT was an unforgettable weekend of self discovery and awareness. Thank you for your time, love and caring. — Karen Mosby, Registered Nurse, Des Moines, IA

I came to the “Healing for a Higher Purpose” session to heal my Self — to renew my commitment to be whole and live the life I always have wanted to live, and to heal my family and bring them into this way of life. From making new friends to enjoying good food and loving service from the College staff (who really made us feel at home and like we were staying at a Bed and Breakfast), to my Healer’s Portrait which said Joy is my healing potential, I was more than pleased — I was renewed! What a Blessing the College and School are … Bonita Buchanan, massage therapist and business owner, Boston, MA

I am profoundly grateful to have this learning experience. … This weekend blew my mind and was way more than I expected. I feel renewed, rejuvenated, inspired, relaxed, and ready to heal. …I found out that my imagination is very powerful… I see now that the key for me to succeed as a teacher is to imagine something great and create it and share that vision to inspire people. Thank you! — Jonathan Duerbeck, substitute teacher, Springfield, MO

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