includes Creative Mind Analysis describing the way you use the structure of the mind

What people are saying about this weekend:

“This weekend was awesome! Creativity is the hub or core of who we are and what we do. It is an essential weekend…wonderful people, great food, phenomenal surroundings, a fabulous mentor and gracious hosts and hostesses. Thank you for continuing to help me be the best I can be.” — Mandy Corliss, referral relations, Des Moines, IA

“This weekend was special because if has made it easier for me to open up and love. I feel a connection with each soul from the love and awareness that we have shared this weekend.” — Larry Hudson, business owner, St. Louis, MO

“Metaphysics has changed my life and given me a reason to live. I now see that creativity is essential and I have more understanding of what creativity is. The weekend gave me direct and easy-to-understand ways to enhance my creativity. Thank you so much.” — Donna Schachtner, dental hygienist, Des Moines, IA


“The incredible part of this weekend has been the valuable insight… In clarifying my own inner self and its values I have come to realize just how much we are all united in mind and spirit. ” Vicki Howe, teacher, St. Louis

“I have learned an incredible amount of knowledge which has benefitted my soul growth greatly. The kindred spirits were the heart of it all. The Creative Mind Analysis gave me awareness of my creativity and methods to expand and to develop self confidence. The mentor was amazing in bringing forth the application of our intuitive reports which gave such clarity. I learned that I do possess creativity and have much of real value to offer others. This weekend has been an inspiration to me and the love I have been surrounded with will always be a part of me. The food and pampering was wonderful. Thank you so much for such a creative and beautiful experience.” Debbie Wolz, teacher, St. Louis, MO

“This weekend has given me a great deal to practice to use my creative mind and bring out my genius. The fulfilling experience is learning to cause growth and elevate my consciousness. I feel very fulfilled an anxious to bring forth my new identity.” — Tad Messenger, graduate student in geology, Rochester, NY

“I have changed!” Liam Murphy, professional athlete, Canon City, CO

“This was a great weekend. The powerful Creative Mind Analysis was insightful and transformative. I can clearly see the importance of having a whole weekend to absorb and use the information. There is power in this group of people aiding each other to become more real, with a spiritual guide to aid us.” Greg Hoeflicker, drafting consultant, Tulsa, OK

“It’s been a very transformative weekend. I’ve received guidance to make changes needed for some time. I have an image of how to change myself daily.” Teresa Martin, lab technician, Chicago, IL

“I came having no expectations, and I’m leaving with a new insight into myself. I’m not the same as who I was when I arrived. With the support and unconditional love from the group — my new friends — I embraced this new knowledge and am looking forward to a much happier and fulfilled me. Thank you.” Jan La Pointe, Business Owner, Toledo, OH

I enjoyed the Creative Mind intuitive report. It helped me see where by greatest creative potential and genius lied. The report and all the practices throughout the weekend helped me see how multi-faceted creativity is. — John Higgins, ship captain, Sunny Isles Beach, FL

This weekend of creativity has expanded my awareness … The food was great, healthy and organic… I feel that this session would be beneficial to all individuals and especially to physicians who desire to create more with all aspects of their lives. — Dr. Ramona Miller, osteopath, Springfield, MO

This weekend was a very enjoyable one. I learned quite a bit more than I thought I might. …I got to know myself better and this is what I’ve been searching for. — Jennifer Scott, sales/marketing, Chicago, IL

I am extremely happy with all aspects of the experience….I am so pleased also with the staff and the warmth and love being generated and sensed. I can only say that the School of Metaphysics has firmly honed the intricacies of presentation and compassion and empathy of those of us less aware. It is so highly appreciated. … — Thomas L. Petersen, vibration analyst, Bettendorf, IA

I was expecting change this weekend and to find out more about myself, but what I learned was more direct and challenging than I thought it would be. I found out that being creative is more than what you can do with a paintbrush, it’s more than the physical. It’s about being you and being comfortable with yourself. I have many new ideas about how to do this from this weekend and a very powerful report that can aid me in achieving my creative genius. — Tina Coleman, restaurant supervisor, Columbia, MO

Being here has helped me to realize that my deepest feelings about my existence are related to my soul’s search for understandings. I came to realize that the process of creation is … using the basic energies of giving and receiving; therefore, Creativity is the ability to use those abilities in a productive and directed way to create a better quality of life for myself and others. It comes down to letting myself be an instrument of God and realizing that that is the most important reason why I am in a physical body… I thank everyone and everything… from today I will become an instrument of God and I will share my light and my love. — Paulina Salazar, hotel clerk, Arlington Heights, IL (originally from Chile).

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