The Continuity of Consciousness

by Christine Andrews


When God created individualized units of LIGHT called I AM he gave us two gifts. Free will and existence. The Universal Law of Infinity is an expression of these gifts. We exist, creation exists and we always have choice. We exist whether incarned or disincarned, we exist in Mind and beyond Mind. Light exists with consciousness and our duty is to know this truth.

Infinity is the continuity of existence and immortality is the continuity of consciousness. The great holy works of our time teach and inspire this truth through images of omniscience, eternity and immortality. These images inspire man to elevate his consciousness from the finite physical world to all that is everlasting and present in creation.

The Hindus describe the physical plane as maya, the illusion. This is true, although most men and women walking the earth identify most strongly with the physical world. The illusion is in the seeming separation between one another. Energy is slowed down enough so the five senses can receive the information, the brain can process the information and the conscious mind can comprehend the experience. This is means that it is finite and therefore temporary.

Simply put infinity is everywhere, everything, all that is, was and is to come. Infinity is the beginning and the end. It is formless and includes all form. Infinity is eternal, immortal, omniscient, omnipresent and everlasting. All that comprises consciousness – Awareness, Energy, Breath, Creation and Self have everlasting existence. Duality, formlessness, form, attention and love are key elements to understanding how and why the Universal Law of Infinity manifests and exists. This thesis uses Akenaten, a great Egyptian mystic who founded the religion of Aten, the Sufis of the Islamic tradition, the Hopi Indians and their creation myth and Christianity and the Holy Bible to illustrate the Universal Law of Infinity.

Aggressive and Receptive

Often infinity is described in terms of polarity; beginning and end, everywhere and nowhere, all or nothing, macrocosm and microcosm. Polarity is really the expression of the Universal Law of Duality. Duality is integral to infinity because aggressive and receptive principles are part of all Creation. Energy moves because of these principles.

Reasoning man has necessitated the exploration of duality, the pairs of opposites and indeed our lives for millennia have been spent in understanding good and evil, hot and cold, light and dark, science and spirituality. The great masters throughout time have brought to themselves the awareness that Light is the perfect union aggressive and receptive. They teach from the point of connectedness with infinite wisdom. Such are the ones who lead and inspire reasoning man to understand his experiences and continue to grow.

Formless and Form

Infinity is formless, every time there is a thought there is a form. Form must exist, however, for in understanding the finite we come to know the infinite. Infinity is oneness with the Creator, unification with all Creation, complete awareness in all of mind, endless energy. The form of our mind gives a means for infinite awareness, energy, breath, creation, self and love to express.

The Holy Bible begins this way.

God created the heavens and the earth in the very beginning. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the water. And God said, let there be light; and there was light. (Bible Genesis 1:1-3)

The Hopi creation myth starts with this image.
The first world was Tokpela.
But first, they say, there was only the Creator, Taiowa. All else was endless space. There was no beginning and no end, no time, no shape, no life. Just an immeasurable void that had its beginning and end, time, shape, and life in the mind of Taiowa the Creator.
(Book of The Hopi, p. 3)

Written in the Universal Language of Mind, these passages hold the secret to eternity, immortality, infinity. Each story paints the same picture. The beginning of the Creator’s creation was formless. God or Taiowa created form from thought. Infinity exists in the formless. Infinity is formless. How then can we comprehend infinity? Only through expanded consciousness and expanded awareness can we know infinity, can we connect with infinite energy, infinite awareness and infinite Self. Anything with form is finite because it is changeable.

Our essence is Light. I Am experiences in the form we know as Mind. The superconscious mind can be diagrammed like this. The superconscious can exist on its own. In the superconscious is the seed idea for enlightenment. Pure consciousness, cosmic consciousness, unification and oneness are the state of mind in this division. It is the part of mind that is closest to the Creator.

An extension of the superconscious mind is the subconscious mind. This is shown with a distinct division between the two. The soul resides in this division of mind. The subconscious mind is partner to the conscious mind each lifetime. The subconscious mind can exist without a conscious mind. The duty of the subconscious mind is to fulfill the conscious mind’s desires. This is where universal mind exists and interconnectedness is the state of mind associated with the subconscious.

The conscious mind is developed anew when the soul incarns into a physical body. The conscious mind is where understandings are built through experience and awareness is gained. This division of mind is associated with the physical plane of existence.

The purpose of form is fulfilled when we learn about creation and how to create like our Creator. Throughout evolution we have learned about creation through form. Initially it was by observing forms in nature – gases, minerals, plants and animals. It was during the Atlantean time period that the soul became engrossed with the five physical senses that the animal form has. By identifying with the senses the soul became invested in the temporary, changing finite world. In doing so, the soul forgot about infinity. The soul’s journey through human man, reasoning man and forging into intuitive man is a means of remembering the infinite and identifying with the formless, which is energy and love.

Mankind continues to experiment with form as evidenced by the endless variety of forms created. Giant cities, satellites, disposable cameras, plastic pencils and swing sets are all forms. Without a high minded purpose when creating any form the soul can become further entrapped. Form captivates our attention and this severs the awareness of the Law of Infinity thus perpetuating entrapment for the soul.

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