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Dreams that Come True
by Dr. Barbara Condron

Ernie Padilla, a COM instructor, and I were talking about the Energy Mastery course he is teaching at a Springfield Unity Church. We are actively developing a seminar that will be offered worldwide by those holding a Doctorate in Metaphysics.

In the course of our conversation, I said, “I don’t know yet how active this year’s Hotline will be here at headquarters. The energy is kind of set.” In past years, by March we had sent out PSA’s across the country to newspapers and radio stations or had done interviews before the end of the previous year with magazines like Cosmopolitan and Seventeen. Thus far the work had been mostly in the inner levels with little to “prime the pump” in the seventh level. I knew, as did National Coordinator Paul Blosser and Dr. Laurel Clark that it was time to make something happen and the conversation reminded me of that need.

“It only takes one well placed interview, like a good AP story that goes nationwide or one in a big newspaper like the NY Times, or a national TV spot, like the Today Show interview we did a couple years ago,” I told Ernie.

Before we finished talking, in fact within ten minutes, Dr. Pam Blosser came to the door to say someone from Lifetime TV was on the phone wanting to speak to someone about The Dreamer’s Dictionary.

As I walked to the office, I quickly accessed what I knew about Lifetime. Female viewership. Biggest cable television network. 60 million plus viewers. I’d read something within the previous week about how the channel had debuted highest of any cable channel. But I didn’t recall hearing of any interview shows…..

Lisa Black introduced herself saying she wanted to talk to someone about The Dreamer’s Dictionary. I told her I was its author and she was obviously pleased. “We love your book!” she said. Which made me feel good as well as hopeful.
In the next ten minutes Lisa told me how Lifetime had a website: lifetimetv.com. Part of the site is for horoscopes and they wanted to add dreams to it. Seems this part of their site gets more visits than anything else it offers….and without any advertising. (We know why, and I shared that with her).

Seems the company is ready to really start advertising and they want to add dreams to their site and are looking for an expert dream interpretation. Their idea was to create a search engine and to do so they wanted to use the research in The Dreamer’s Dictionary! In other words when someone goes to their site they can find the dream page and type in “flowers” and up will come five lines of what that symbol means.

I asked how many entries she was talking about. She said, “As many as we can get.”

They were more than willing to give SOM appropriate copyright credit, make it easy to purchase the book, and just about anything else we might want. We talked of how this was definitely mutually beneficial, as SOM wants to educate everyone and Lifetime wants to serve their viewers.

I asked the biggest question I could think of at the time, would it be possible to get a copy of the search engine they create to put up on our site at dreamschool.org? No problem.

Wow! Do I love harmonizing with the Universal Laws!

She said there was one thing. They wanted to go with it April 1st. I said, no problem. I just needed to present it to our Board of Governors and could probably get back with her within two days. Seems her people are already working on the search engine part, they just need the go ahead to enter the data.

When Lisa mentioned the April lst goal, I laughed and said, “You want to hear something great?! This is the 13th year the School of Metaphysics has sponsored the National Dream Hotline. It’s only one weekend a year…the last weekend in April.”
“We’d be happy to promote it!”


“Maybe some of your people could do some online interpreting.”

“We’d love to. I’d love to do some chats, helping people with dreams as well.”

“Sounds great, I’ll e-mail the prototype to you.”

It's been over a month since that first phone call. Now when people visit www.lifetimetv.com, they can be introduced to over three decades of dream research. This is how it works. When you first enter Lifetime Online, at the top of the screen, under "Top Stories," you read Seeing Visions? Decode a dream!

Then you can enter in a key word about a dream you've had.

On the next page you’ll see SOM’s Dreamer’s Dictionary highlighted in Lifetime's Dream Decoder with links to our dreamschool website and ways to purchase the book!

Mid-April right before National Dream Hotline, I did an on-line chat (kind of an interview where anyone can ask the questions). This is hopefully the beginning of many more to come, perhaps even something regular for SOM.

Where it will lead, time will tell. I do know that thousands of people have put energy into the service National Dream Hotline® represents. The School of Metaphysics has educated literally millions of people just through this yearly outreach. Countless people have heard radio and television interviews, read articles in newspapers and purchased books, learned in classes in colleges and churches and homes across the country. Countless seeds have been planted and they are growing!

I don't know where the lifetimetv connection will lead, it could mean The Dreamer's Dictionary in hardbound edition sold by one of the major publishers. It could mean syndicating the Sandman column. It could mean more respectful attention for the education SOM affords.

Wherever it leads, this I know, when the mind and heart are entrained the spirit can soar. As Jesus taught it so well, "Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven and all else will be added unto you."•

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