Meditating with Attention on the Third Eye and the Heart by Dr. Daniel R. Condron

Meditating with Attention on the Third Eye and the Heart



with Attention on the Third Eye and the Heart

The body has three areas or “brains” that can be, and need to be, utilized in meditation. Those three areas are the head, heart, and spine. The head area’s main points of focus in mediation are the pituitary also known as the brow chakra or third eye and the pineal gland having to do with the crown chakra.

The spinal column is the area of the body that connects the lower functions to the higher functions. The spinal column and the fluids within provide the vehicle the energies of the Superconscious mind to be brought into and manifested in the physical existence.

The heart is the third center of intelligence in the body and is used and tied in closely with the process of building understandings in the Self. The heart chakra is first activated or quickened as the entrapped soul dedicates and commits the Self to soul growth in the current lifetime. Understanding is the key quality of the Heart. As the evolvement of the advanced soul progresses, the light of the heart center increases and the individual comes to know that the purpose of physical incarnation is to build understandings.

As one becomes more and more like a creator and every action becomes a creation in service to our Creator and as the life is filled with aiding others to climb the ladder of soul growth the enlightenment in the crown of the head touches the understanding in the heart and the two are from then on intimately and ultimately connected. The Self resides in the heart in full enlightenment and with full connectedness to the Creator. Such a one walks in full awareness of creation and Creator. Such a one exists in full harmonious loving creation with the Creator. Such a one has become a full helpmate in furthering the fulfillment of the Eternal’s Creation so all may be raised to the level of God Consciousness.

To truly understand Transcendental Meditation you must first heal yourself. If there is any dichotomy left within you at this time it must be purged. You cannot think one thing and do or say another and expect to enter deep into meditation. You must be honest, truthful, kind, caring, and giving in order to enter deep into meditation and into the kingdom of the Supreme Creator. As you learn cooperation with Self and others then Self discipline will come easily.

The healing must be permanent. Any negative, limited, Selfish, unproductive thought and attitude must be eliminated. One is most capable of receiving the healing which is permanent and good when the mind is still and the body is relaxed and still also.

Most people have a distance between the way they intellectually think and the way they live in the heart. There is a need to bridge the gap to relieve the yearning and pain. When the spark of divine wisdom is lit in a person’s heart then he or she is aroused to direct the Self to learn the meaning of Life, from a teacher who can teach her of Mind and Self.

The benefits of meditating on the Heart are that this creates a type of blend of the lower consciousness with the higher consciousness. This has the effect of combining or harmonizing these levels of consciousness together. Later you will go beyond this. The benefits of connecting the crown chakra with the heart chakra are that this can produce an acceleration of awareness and therefore enlightenment. This is due to the fact that the understandings are being offered to a Higher level of awareness.

from Superconscious Meditation by Dr. Daniel R. Condron ©1998 SOM

copyright© 2002, School of Metaphysics

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