“The faith of each man is a reflection of that man’s character or nature. That in which each hath faith, is the essence of that man himself. Each man’s God — his conception of Deity — is himself at his best, magnified to infinity. Likewise, is his Evil Spirit, or Devil, but himself at his worst, magnified to infinity. By one’s Deities shalt thou know the man himself, if thou observest well.”–Bhagavad Gita

Native American peoples use the words medicine and power interchangeably. The power of something is its medicine. Too many people give their power away to someone or something outside themselves. When we do we experience the effects of imbalance in our thoughts, in our emotions, in our energies, and in our physical bodies.

Healing brings the power home. For the individual, the power, the medicine, is in the mental attitudes. This is why Intuitive Health Analyses have been so helpful to people all over the world. By identifying the mental and emotional attitudes held in the mind, these reports give the power back to us. Knowledge replaces fear and we become our own medicine.

In our course we teach the unfolding of this power as the awakening of the Kundalini. Kundalini is a Sanskrit word derived from the goddess Kundala. She represents the creative energy in humans. We teach the engaging of these energies focused on their medicine. The raising of the Kundalini results as a natural evolution of spiritual discipline. Her power is respected and she heals self and others.

We’re meant to bring our uniqueness into the world. We each have a purpose in life that is part of a greater plan. The earlier we embrace this idea, the more concentrated our efforts can be toward superconsciousness. This is the purpose of the Healer’s Portraits. They describe intuitive clusters that form your power, your medicine, for healing.

Then there is your medicine bag….all the modalities, therapies, treatments, and forms of assisting the conscious mind and physical body as we learn our lessons of life. You’ll find some of these here, and many more as you associate with others, for people of all disciplines, traditions, faiths are attracted to the study of metaphysics.

Best of all there are the natural highs borne from meditation, pranayama (conscious breathing), and our loving creative interactions with others are more than alternatives, they are the doorway to cosmic consciousness, the gift of our own medicine.

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