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HEALING, emotions



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Adults who silently harbor a volcano of negative emotions are greatly increasing their chances of a lethal heart attack. This new insight was cited in two separate studies reported to the American Psychosomatic Society earlier this year. 




Dr. Johan Denoliet, University of Antwerp, Belgium, led one study which followed 303 heart patients for six to ten years. Those hiding negative emotions were four times more likely to die of a heart attack. Denoliet says stress promotes artery narrowing and arrhythmias.

The second study conducted by Darla Vale of Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center in Chicago followed 260 women. Those who had heart problems were more anxious and more likely to be suppressing anger. (USA Today)

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What do these studies really tell us? That we shouldn’t allow our emotions to get the better of us? That we should relax. That we shouldn’t get mad. Too often the current climate of authoritarian medicine sounds increasingly like a like a parent who knows what is right and wrong but fails to understand the purpose. In order to be healthy we need to know how to create the constructive thinking that produces well-being. We need to know how to be purposeful. Knowing what to avoid is often the key for today’s physician. Avoidance is often seen as preventive medicine.




For those who know what they want — well-being and good health — a metaphysician can accelerate accomplishing your desire and support your efforts toward wholeness. These studies focus on disorders of the heart. Esoterically the heart is the physical organ that corresponds to the functioning of the anahata spiritual center, the Heart Chakra. When you say “I love you with all my heart” you are not offering the physical organ to your devoted, you are committing your mind, soul, and body to loving. The Heart Chakra is the chakra of committment. The easier it is for you to make committments and follow through upon them, the easier the flow of energy here and the healthier the heart and circulatory system.

When you know something “by heart” you have done more than commit it to memory, you have invested yourself in it, you understand it. The greater our understanding of ourselves and others, the more loving we are, the freer we are to express joy and appreciation and encouragement. Where understanding abides, anger cannot live. Where freedom exists, responsibility is present.

Permanent Healing by Dr. Daniel Condron notes the mental attititude disorder behind heart problems as “a misue or misunderstanding of responsibility. Trying to compete with others in life when they have desires different from your own.” I have counseled many couples on the verge of divorce over the course of the past twenty years. Over and over again, there is competition with the spouse, a stubborn resistance to understanding the needs and wants of another and hence a refusal to give love unconditionally. The other person has changed in ways the spouse is not willing to accept or has refused to change in ways the spouse expected, so the spouse withdraws his or her love and eventually sinks into ever-deepening mires of anger, resentment, and recrimination. These self-created and self-imposed limitations — the negative emotions of the first study — must be admitted and understood for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. The spouse might end a marriage, but until responsibility is understood he or she is causing deterioration of the body.

Dr. Condron’s cites “the need to give freely, without condition” as a cause of heart problems. If you have heart problems try loving “with all your heart”, you will experience a healing.&Mac198;

–from the Wholistic Health & Healing Guide 1999.






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In this same vein…A March 18th report from the International Congress of Behavioral Medicine states living with racism inflicts biological stress that can hasten death in black Americans. The report states, “Blacks have higher rates of hypertension and heart disease and shorter life spans than whites.” The Duke University Med Center studies headed by Maya McNeilly found that racist comments from whites triggered significant rises in blood pressure and heart rate in 30 black women leading Maya to the conclusion that “racism can act as a potent stressor that may contribute to hypertension and heart disease.” Longer term studies show that black adults who report the most experiences of bigotry have the most doctor-verified health problems and disabilities. A University of Michigan-Ann Arbor study spanning eight years and covering 400 Americans including Poles, Italians, Hispanics, and Asians showed significantly worse health for those who reported more incidents of prejudice. [USA Today]








The key here is not race as the study would have you believe. Rather the key is prejudice. Prejudice, the inclination to pre-judge, quickly and efficiently destroys its owner’s capacity for responding in the here and now. In time irresponsibility errodes the natural functioning of the heart and circulatory system. Prejudice closes the mind to possibility, as in time it will close the blood-carrying arteries. Prejudice strangles the desire to understand, as in time it will arrest the beat of the heart. Prejudice motivates its progenitor to take from others, as in time it will steal the life. Prejudice saps the willingness to give. For the captive of a prejudiced mind, there is no freedom because they will not respond to life today.

Regardless of the object of prejudice, whether skin color, sex, heighth, weight, intelligence, wealth, social status, the effects of the attitude are the same.

The awareness most obviously missing in this study is the realization that those who claim to be on the receiving end of prejudice and bigotry are not innocent victims. The laws of the universe ensure that “we reap what we sow” and that those who “live by the sword, die by the sword”. These are not cliches. Rather they are concepts of Universal Truth. When I was growing up I remember hearing someone say “if you go looking for trouble you will find it.” They were right. When you expect to be mistreated, condemned, or otherwise pre-judged, according to Univresal Law, you will indeed draw to you situations that will manifest your expectation, be it desire or fear.

Those who understand how and why someone can be trapped in prejudicial thinking can demonstrate honest compassion for the narrow-minded rather than compete with a bigot to see who can be the meanest, the angriest, the most vile.

Prejudice, not racism, is “a potent stressor that contributes to hypertension and heart disease.”

–from the Wholistic Health & Healing Guide 1999.

–from the Wholistic Health & Healing Guide 1999. copyright School of Metaphysics.


copyright© 2002, School of Metaphysics

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