A New Way to Understand the Mind/Body Connection

Health Dreams


Health Dreams


A New Way to Understand the Mind/Body Connection

The inner self, what we teach as the subconscious mind, has a wealth of insight to offer to the outer, waking mind. Withinthe subconscious levels of consciousness probabilities of the future can easily be perceived. This is where creation of conscious desires transpires. Ancient wisdom, the soul’s understandings, springs from here. Whenever the outer mind is stilled the inner mind can be heard. 

When we sleep, the outer conscious mind achieves this still state – unconsciously. This means without awareness or control of what occurs from the moment of unconsciousness to the moment of waking. Two events transpire while the outer mind sleeps:

1] Energy is recycled in every level of the conscious and subconscious minds, and

2] the subconscious mind is free to communicate to the outer mind, without interference, through what we call dreams. Because sleep is an unconscious act for most people, dreams are vaguely remembered if remembered at all.

Self awareness means you are cognizant of who you are. Becoming aware of your dream states extends your realm of experience and understanding. It also begins what can become an ever deepening two way dialogue between your outer and inner mind, conversations that can bring wholistic health and accelerate spiritual growth.

These dreams revolve around the subject of physical health. “Health dreams” give advance notice of dis-ease or dis-order. When you know how to interpret the message and you respond to its content immediately, you will discover the expanded sense of confidence and well-being described by the following dreamers. 

I was pushing my car to the gas station because I’d let it run out of gas. I knew that I should have stopped at the station I had passed a block back. Pushing the car back to the station wore me out!

This dream stimulated me to relax mentally, emotionally, and physically while engaged in daily action rather than go, go, go until I would collapse from exhaustion. In the Universal Language of Mind gas is interpreted to be energy and the car represents my physical body. I wore myself out by continually going non-stop, moving from one activity to another, when what I wanted to do was take some time for myself to relax. As soon as I would get home from work, I would clean house, write letters, play with my cat, and exercise. It didn’t seem like I had time in a day to accomplish all that I desired. I was draining my reservoirs of energy: mentally through scattered attention, emotionally by being overwhelmed, and physically by constant motion. Even when I knew I needed to restore my energies, I wasn’t. Knowing what this dream was saying and responding to my inner wisdom spared me some sick time that I surely would have experienced had I continued along the path I was taking. 

I dreamed that I was driving along Hurstbourne Lane in the rain. I was driving in my father’s lightweight silver pickup truck and the road was slick. The truck sped up faster and faster. Then I became scared and the truck went spinning out of control and slammed into a curb.

Before I began studying the Universal Language of Mind at the School of Metaphysics I always thought that this dream was precognitive, so I was very careful every time I drove down that road in my dad’s truck. Now I know the dream was about me. The truck represents my physical body. The rain is a form of water which represents conscious life experiences. The truck moved faster and faster because during my waking hours I was pushing my physical body to do more and more work. I remember staying up late to finish assignments for school, going to my martial arts class three days a week, and dividing my attention among far more activities than I had the will or purpose to keep up with. The truck went spinning out of control as a way to represent how I was starting to lose control of how I handled my body and maintained its health. I was fortunate that I didn’t become sick. Shortly after I had this dream, I had a break from high school and I could relax for a while. So that helped a lot. I also decided that some of my activities were extraneous so I let them go to focus on the more important pursuits.

I was driving my car, it was raining/misting. The ground was wet. I was on a long bridge and all the cars around me started hydroplaning then spinning in circles on the water. I was the only car that made it through okay. I was looking around on the roads nearby and all I saw was cars spinning.

The long bridge represented the fact that I had been job hunting for some time. The day before this dream, I was upset because I was having such difficulty. I was not getting what I wanted in my life, symbolized by the hydroplaning cars. I was feeling irritated and at the point of tears. The dream told me that even midst the confusion and emotional stress I was still in control and I was going to make it. Within a few days I had a job and my sense of inner well being returned.

CW, my boyfriend, was driving his car down a familiar highway. Suddenly a bunch of cars piled up and he crashed. I was observing this all overhead. His car burst into flames. He burnt. I got a very clear, vivid image of his dead, burnt, rigor mortis-like body with his car all banged up and burnt. I was mortified! Just when I thought “how horrible” he moved just a tiny bit. I was scared. It was very real.

This dream really made me stop and look at how I was caring, or more appropriately not caring, for my physical body and health. I had not been taking good care of my body. The dream came at a time when I was eating very unhealthily. I had little exercise, worked in an office ten hours a day with fluorescent lights, and on top of it I had desires that I was not fulfilling. For example, I wanted to lose weight, but would indulge in fattening foods so I would never create what I wanted. This made me really tired, and I slept a lot. Once I assessed myself in this way, it was easy to see the effect this was having upon my inner self, symbolized in my dream by CW. My dream told me what I needed to know to make the changes that would bring me health, energy, and fulfillment.•


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