Intuitive Arts?!

FAMILY of YOUNG SOULS, camp niangua 2003



Dr. Laurel Clark with (from left to right) Susie Starkey, Logan Goldstein, Elizabeth Vaughan, and Nissa Romanowski.


A class in

Intuitive Arts?!

Teacher Dr. Laurel Clark describes the fun and purpose

at Camp Niangua

Intuition is the direct grasp of truth. Most people are aware of occasional intuitive experiences, like knowing who is on the other end of the phone when it rings before you answered it, or feeling another person feelings, or feeling the presence of a loved one who has died. All of us have the ability to be intuitive, but too many times we are taught that unless you can see it or taste it or feel or hear it or smell it with the physical senses, it’s not real.

One of the essential life skills the School of Metaphysics teaches is intuition. The children of Camp Niangua explored this skill in the Intuitive Arts class. They started out by taking an „IQ‰ test, not an intelligence test but an Intuition Quotient test. They discovered that they all had some contact with intuition on a regular basis. Susie sees and feels auras, Logan knows what other people are feeling and oftentimes knows what they are thinking, Nissa has deja vu experiences, and Elizabeth can heal animals with her touch.

We talked about fact that we are all connected, that everyone’s mind is linked with everyone else’s whether people are aware of it or not. I asked the campers what the world would be like if everyone knew how to read minds. Logan said it would eliminate the need for telephones. We talked about the need for people to be responsible for the thoughts they think, because thoughts do influence other people. The campers gave some ideas about how they could be a force for good, having a still mind and thinking positive thoughts. We talked about the principle that “Living peaceably begins by thinking peacefully” and the influence of the Peace Dome throughout the world as a center of peace.

To demonstrate that thoughts are real and have influence, the campers practiced feeling my aura and learned how to see an aura. They had their own auras photographed with a special camera called a Kirlian camera. They also experimented with an aura meter. This is a simple device that anyone can make at home.

It is a piece of copper wire, about 4 feet long, that is coiled six or seven times around a wooden handle (about 6″ long and 1″ diameter, like a piece of a broomstick). The wire extends outward, beyond the handle, with another 3 coils about 3‰ in diameter. The remaining wire, about 14‰, extends straight out. The end is weighted with small weight, like a fishing
weight. The aura meter registers the life force or aura of anyone or anything. If you hold it above a person’s head, it will move either up and down, side to side, or in a circle, clockwise or counter-clockwise. The campers held it over each other&Mac226;s heads and found out what energy pattern they emanated. Then they experimented with other things: the dog, the cat,
rocks, plants, and food. We discovered that the aura of store-bought peanut butter was very slight. The meter moved about an inch up and down when held over the jar. Peanut butter that was all-natural, with no preservatives, had more life force. The aura meter moved up and down about three inches. Most dramatic was the aura of the greens that had just been picked

from the garden that morning. The meter moved in a huge arc, eight inches or more up and down. The greens were bursting with life force! The campers also tested their skills in telepathy and clairvoyance. Telepathy is mind-to-mind contact. In their morning class with Dr. Pam Blosser the campers used color cards. Dr. Pam gazed at a card, one of five colors, projected the color, and the campers received the image and called out the color they received. We did these color cards also, and also symbol cards: square, circle, triangle, star, and wavy lines. Some of the campers were more easily attuned to the colors, others to the shapes. They all discovered that trusting themselves was an important key, as was having a still mind.

I gave them a simple concentration exercise to do (concentrating on their breath) before doing the cards. They were also practicing concentration exercises in their classes with Dr. Pam and with Dr. Daniel Condron. As the week progressed, their ability to still their minds increased, and their perception of telepathic communication strengthened.

Clairvoyance is a French word which means clear seeing. Clairvoyance is seeing with your mind. I placed five different objects inside five different paper bags. One at a time, the campers projected their attention into the bags to discern the properties of the objects inside. They were to identify the size, shape, color, weight, texture, etc. They did not have to decide what the object was. Most of them found that they were accurate at describing some of the properties. Some got the color consistently, others were able to identify the shape or texture. Sometimes they had most of the properties but drew an inaccurate conclusion when they tried to figure out what the object was.

For example, one of the objects was a wooden clog with a leather upper that was red and yellow. Elizabeth said it was wood, red, round on the top, and she thought it was a boat. Although it was not a boat, the shape was boat-like and Elizabeth had perceived the color and material correctly. The campers learned from this experience about the importance of interpreting vibration. Sometimes people jump to conclusions because they have prejudices. In order to have true clairvoyance it requires having a still mind and simply receiving what it there without pre-judging. This is a good principle to follow for communication with other people, too.

The campers made peace cranes in this class. In Japan the crane is a symbol of peace. There is a legend that if you fold a thousand cranes it will bring about peace. The campers decorated paper with designs in markers and glue, and then folded them into origami cranes. They took home instructions with them so that they can all be a part of folding a thousand

These children have been fortunate to have parents who encourage them to keep the door between their conscious and subconscious minds open. They all talked about the ways that they feel energy, either from other people, or from plants or animals. They were excited to learn that they can become even more intuitive with a concentrated mind, and that their influence can be a powerful force for good in the world. •

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