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IQ –

A new definition for testing our strengths

I learned something during the 1998 College Preparatory Camp. My participation in camp was as a teacher, rather than a camper, and what I learned teaching girls and boys ages 10-14 says more about the adults than the children.

Dr. Pam Blosser, Camp Director for almost a decade, and I have been envisioning camp for years. As the School of Metaphysics evolves so does every facet of it including the summer camp for kids. Camp began as the College of Metaphysics experience in miniature, six weeks of teenagers working alongside adult college students. It evolved into a two week mixture of metaphysical principles in action; basic metaphysics, reading, writing, gardening, animal husbandry were taught within the context of a theme. By 1996, camp had evolved into an eight-day experience in creative genius, planting seeds of self development and personal excellence in fertile minds and bringing campers back year after year.

Last year I had the privilege of teaching a camp class for the first time. It was great fun for me as a teacher because I had the opportunity to devote time to one of my passions – uniting art and science and philosophy. I taught the meta in physics by guiding the campers in scientific experiments like making bottles resonate at a distance. This was the springboard for teaching them how to cause their minds to resonate to music, expressing the vibration through color and form. This led to knowing the secret of friendship – resonating with other people to create bonds of love.

Since 1998 is our silver anniversary, I wanted this year’s College Prep Camp to reflect the growth of the School of Metaphysics, particularly our purpose of accelerating the evolution of humanity by ushering in Spiritual, Intuitive Man. So the class I designed this year revolved around Intuitive Testing. This was to be where their and my greatest learning would occur.

The children were tested in three key areas of subconscious faculty:

1. Telepathy…The capacity for mentally sending and receiving thought forms. Commonly called “mind reading.”

2. Clairvoyance…The capacity for perceiving people, places, and things independent of physical means of identification and often at a physical distance. One form of clairvoyance is known as “x-ray vision”, another as “remote viewing”.

3. Psychokinesis…The capacity for influencing matter with thought. Commonly referred to as “mind over matter.”

Preliminary testing indicated superior (the highest rating) and high abilities in telepathy for all students. For instance when asked “Do you know someone’s feelings without being told?” or “Do you tend to finish others’ sentences?” on a scale ranging from “frequently” to “sometimes” to “never” to “not sure”, most answered frequently. Not too surprisingly, the preliminary findings in the area of telepathy outweighed the clairvoyant ratings (good) and psychokinesis ratings (average-nonconclusive).

What actual testing revealed was quite enlightening.

In all cases campers ranked inconclusive in telepathic testing. In other words their performances in the tests were average, rating “even” statistical odds on every test run. Scores tended to be somewhat higher for some of the children in phonic telepathy tests, the reception of words and pictures, over image telepathy, the reception of pictures only.

Scores on the clairvoyant tests ranged from good to excellent to superior, a wide spread on the positive end of the scale.

Most surprising were the results in psychokinetic testing. All campers ranked far above the superior rating, performing well over the highest university testing stats of 400-1 odds – meaning only one in 400 people demonstrate the proficiency shown. Our campers stats were over 1000-1, indicating a phenomenal proclivity for influencing matter with the mind – psychokinesis – the very area where preliminary scores had been average and nonconclusive.

What does it all mean?

First, it appears that we adults as a society are just becoming comfortable with intuitive powers. The subconscious function we most widely teach our children is telepathy, mind to mind communication. We do this in our literature and films, in our everyday interaction, and in our instruction, such as teaching a child to be aware of others’ feelings. In these ways our children learn to recognize facets of telepathic ability without ever realizing what the ability is, that it can be understood and developed. In order to be an enlightened society we need to teach our children how to transform the capacity into a skill. There is a real need present within these children to cultivate a still mind, calm emotions, and a relaxed body so they may harness the power of their minds rather than deny and repress it. They need wise teachers, teachers who know from experience how to focus the attention of the outer mind and go within. These are the teachings, received at any age, that initiate the self control that will usher in Spiritual, Intuitive Man. It will also make the commonly accepted practice of drugging our children, and ourselves, obsolete.

Adults must set the example. By setting the example we embody our beliefs. We come to know the truth, so we can teach it to others. We are practicing what we preach, thus earning the adolescent’s respect and attention. Concentration exercises are a must. So are meditation and visualization, for here the power of the mind is nurtured and developed.

Since I incarned, I have watched the effect of our common culture, which centers around an interesting manifestation of subconscious capacities we called “television”, upon us. For instance, it took one line in one film in the early 1980’s to infect our consciousness with deceit. Today it is common to accept deceit, or ignore it, or deny it as being important, while at the same time we bemoan the breakdown of trust in our society. Trust is built on Truth that is universally applicable.

Trust is the result of honesty. The movie line? “I lied.” We must do better because we can do better. All adults can make their thoughts and words match. Whoever first told you “Say what you mean and mean what you say” gave you wise counsel.

A consciousness filled with Truth is an art, and it is a science. Concentration opens the door to knowing what your thoughts are. Visualization enables you to create the thoughts you desire and manifest them in chosen words and actions. Meditation elevates your awareness, expands your consciousness into a better world thus providing the motivation for Truth and the courage for honesty. Such spiritual practices, at every age, harmonize the conscious and subconscious minds honing their powers of reasoning and intuition, respectively. It is intuition that is the direct grasp of Truth.

Since 1993 I have been championing the spiritual initiations of youth. The campers broadened my awareness by teaching me about the immediate need of young people standing on the threshold of adolescence. This was revealed in how the psychokinetic testing contradicted their preliminary responses. Whether these youngsters know about it or not, no matter what they have been told, the changes that will propel them into reasoning are at hand. Physically we call it puberty, but long before the physical manifestations of creative change there is the generating of creative energy, the awakening of the Kundalini. The minds of children the age of the campers are powerful instruments. It shows in their psychokinesis ranking. They, and we, will benefit greatly by being prepared to use that instrument for the goodwill of all.

The most exciting prospect concerning the psychokinesis findings is the vast healing potential they reveal. The possibilities are extraordinary. Our children can become a generation of healers.

Every adult I have ever taught thinks its easier to teach children than to teach adults. I thought that too. I was wrong.

It is easier to teach what you understand. And it is even easier when your understanding is permanent – the soul’s understanding that comes from harmonizing your own conscious and subconscious minds causing them to cooperate, to give and receive. To move as a unit. Whole. Complete. This unity brings new meaning to “the marriage made in Heaven” and new hope to Heaven being on Earth.

As more people are committed to their own spiritual progression, the doors will open for the mature souls who wait for “fortunate” births. And the world will be witness to an outpouring of genius and mastery the like of which it has never before seen. –Dr. Barbara Condron 

©2002 School of Metaphysics

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