Frequently Asked Questions / What is the study?

Metaphysics is the combination of two words “meta” which means beyond and “physics” which means nature, or the physical world. Metaphysics, as we teach it, is the study and application of the Universal Laws and Truths that govern the inner worlds and have their manifestation in our daily lives. From ATTRACTION to RESONANCE to PROSPERITY, our universe is guided by unseen principles that are the key to health, wealth, longevity and peace of mind. The School of Metaphysics offers a four-tier course of study where you will enjoy the time and space to explore and develop your command of super-natural and extra-ordinary capabilities available to every individual.

Imagine studying the human energy field that emanates from your thoughts and body for three weeks. Then move to a week of learning the equation for success in any endeavor. Next learn the profound connection between your breath and the state of your consciousness as you begin practicing meditation. From lessons on positive thinking to mental healing, you learn how to turn experience into compassion, understanding into expertise, all the while studying the language of dreams. This is education at it finest. This is where you begin.

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