Christmas in the Peace Dome

Peace is Real

Christmas time at the Peace Dome is filled with music and joy and awe!

"Peace is Real"


Christmas at the Peace Dome

a 45 minute journey into the meaning of the season

During Peace is Real the College of Metaphysics Singers share some of the most treasured Christmas songs. “O Holy Night”, "O Come Emmanuel", “Joy to the World", and 13 other melodies resound in the upper chamber of the Peace Dome during the holiday season.


Entering the second floor of the Dome, which is an open circular chamber, is awe-inspiring. Sounds are magnified and resonate in most unique and beautiful ways – lending a new voice to traditional tunes. In the Peace Dome the reason for the season begins a personal experience of memory, imagination, and love.

“Peace Is Real: The Sounds of Christmas” combines classics and original songs of peace with the Universal Peace Covenant. The Universal Peace Covenant is a beautiful vision describing how to make peace real in every individual’s life penned by over two dozen teachers in the School of Metaphysics in 1996-97. It can be found at this site.

The "Peace is Real" music Missed the presentation? Bring the Peace Dome experience to your home. A CD/cassette recording of the first Christmas in the Peace Dome is now available.

To inquire about upcoming events, contact

Peace Dome
School of Metaphysics
163 Moon Valley Road
Windyville, MO 65783.

Or call 417-345-8411.



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