The Universal Language of Mind A Worldwide Language of Ancient Origin

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The Universal Language of Mind


A Worldwide Language of Ancient Origin

“Imagine! You find yourself in a foreign country, unable to speak the language of this new land. Everything the people of this foreign country say sounds like gibberish to you. It is incomprehensible to you. However, the people of that country seem to understand what they are saying to each other…So you set yourself to the task of mastering this foreign language, for you have little if any idea of when you may be returning to the place you call home….By the time you, the stranger, have resided in this strange land for seven years, you have completely forgotten the language of your origination…In fact, you are so caught up in your existence in this foreign country that you no longer recall living anywhere else. You have forgotten where you came from and you have forgotten therefore who you really are…”

One of the most fruitful areas of research in the School of Metaphysics involves the investigation, study, and application of the oldest language known to man — what we term the Universal Language of Mind. This language of images or pictures has existed as a means of communication longer than any symbolic, written language. Some believe these ancient images are the primitive scribbling of early man, therefore the truth escapes them because of their own egotism. In reality, the capability to envision images — to create with thought — is the most enduring and advancing power available to man; for this is the power given to man by his Creator. 

Thus we continue to find in our research that there is a language, independent of any man-made, physical symbols, used by the inner consciousness of man. A language that unites the Self and can, in turn, unite all of humanity. It is the language used by the inner, subconscious mind for communication in the form of dreams or direct mind-to-mind communication. It is the language all great orators have used to reach throngs of listening minds. It is the language all great inventors have allowed to be impressed upon their waking mind to conceive the previously inconceivable. It is the language of the classical authors and poets which transcends their own lifetimes and speaks to all. It is the language used in all the world’s Holy Scriptures.

I believe there are three primary gifts of wisdom the School of Metaphysics offers humanity today — gifts that transform consciousness, opening spiritual awareness. Knowledge of the Universal Language of Mind and how to become fluent in this forgotten language of your origin is one of these. This year two books are being published that will afford anyone this knowledge. The first, The Universal Language of Mind: The Book of Matthew by Dr. Daniel R. Condron, is now available. My opening quote is from this monumental work. It is destined to be a spiritual reference book for any aspirant who desires to rekindle the memory of his origin and to embrace his destiny by becoming a Christ, a Buddha, an enlightened one. It is a privilege to share it with you.

I send you my Circle of Love,
Dr. Barbara Condron
©1994 Vol. 12 No. 3

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