"Dreams count;
the Spirits have compassion for us and have guided us."

–Cree Indian Proverb

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Here is a house given to me by an anonymous donor. It is spacious and beautiful. And in the mailbox is a message that reads,

“There will always be food on the table, running water, warmth, and light. Enjoy.”

I search the place, looking for a great benefactor to thank.

This is a dream come true!

Up in the attic I find records of the house’s history. This house built itself around a song. The name of the song is OM.



People in the School of Metaphysics have been researching dreams for thirty years. Being from many countries, backgrounds, religious faiths, work experience, and ages, SOM teachers and students bring a worldwide vantage point to this study.

Dreaming is a universal phenomenon. During each sleep cycle, dream activity occurs. Sleep refreshes and reenergizes, recalibrating the mind and the body. This vital activity is performed not by magic but by the inner, subconscious thinker, the same part of the whole Self that gives the outer thinker what it remembers as a dream.

Through research we have learned that dreams are conveyed in a language common to a group of thinkers. We call this language the Universal Language of Mind. Like English, Chinese, or French, it can be taught and learned. And just as knowing a physical language opens many avenues of communication and endeavor previously unavailable to you, so learning to wield the language of the inner Self opens you to six new worlds of experience and endeavor.

From the meaning of dreams to lucid dreaming to transcending dream states, the School of Metaphysics teaches how to develop consciousness throughout the whole Mind. From the very first lesson, dreams take on a new significance in your life's journey as you discover their relevance to your everyday life. Here, we share research that can help you appreciate and respond to this inner teacher.

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