Recurring Dreams


“Why are my dreams like reruns?”



If you have ever had a dream that kept coming back you were experiencing what is known as a recurring dream. This experience is actually fairly common. These dreams are communications from the inner self to the outer self as is the case with all dreams. What makes these unique is that the same events, the same theme or even a series of episodes that occur much like a soap opera, are experienced by the dreamer.

A recurring dream is like communicating to someone who has his or her attention somewhere other than on the conversation. Whenever you try to get a message across to someone and you have not received that person’s full attention, you will probably need to repeat the message over and over until it is heard by the receiver. Recurring dreams are especially important to understand as they are messages from the inner self to the outer self. The essence of the dream will be repeated over and over until a change is made in the awareness of the dreamer. The need for repetition indicates that the same or similar situation is present in the life and so the same message is pertinent for the dreamer’s progression.

Another type of dream has a recurring theme that progresses much like a soap opera. This type of dream informs the dreamer of his current state of awareness and the next steps for progress in his life. For instance, if an individual has a need to be more honest, this would be represented in a dream by a person of the same sex who possesses this quality of truthfulness. Through the dream episodes there would be interaction with this person who symbolizes the need for greater honesty.

Have you ever been chased in a dream and could never seem to get away? When a dreamer is constantly trying to get away from someone in a dream, usually an unknown person, this indicates that the individual is avoiding an aspect of self. For example, a procrastinator may be resisting the effects of unnecessarily postponing decisions and actions. Denial has never produced anything positive. Facing this aspect of the personality will cause a change in the dreamer’s awareness and his life.

Having someone break into the dreamer’s house or having things stolen is another dream which can recur. The dreamer resides within the mind the same way a person resides within a house during the physical life. A house in a dream represents the dreamer’s mind. The burglar is an aspect of self indicating that the dreamer is stealing from the self is some way. For instance, failing to follow through with a commitment, such as cheating on a diet, is a way of stealing from the self. Any time a person continues unproductive thought patterns and actions, the individual takes from the self something that is desired and seen as valuable. When you experience this kind of dream, look in your life for self-defeating thinking and make a change for the better.

Some recurring dreams offer awareness of experiencing beyond the physical level during sleep. One common recurrence is that of falling. Most people experience this sensation at least once in their lives. Falling in a dream indicates moving the inner mind’s attention back to the physical body. Falling in a dream usually occurs as the dreamer is awakening. Few people ever reach the bottom of the fall, but those who do usually strike either water or ground awakening upon impact. The belief that the dreamer will die when he or she reaches the bottom is a myth.

Awakening to find someone standing or floating above the dreamer’s physical body is also a common dream. It indicates the awareness of the inner self. The person perceived is actually the dreamer. During the time of awakening, it is possible for the attention to be divided between the inner self and the outer self. When the attention is centered in the physical body, the dreamer may experience the duality of self by perceiving the body of the inner self floating above his physical body. To the uneducated mind, this can be very frightening since there is usually little control of the physical body at this time. The best thing to do in this case is to simply relax and still the mind, allowing the consciousness of the inner and outer self to realign. This will reduce any discomfort there may be. It is important to realize that this “other body” is actually a part of the self.

Flying is a common dream that often recurs. Many people can recall flying around the countryside swooping down over treetops and houses. When this occurs the dreamer is recognizing the mental and spiritual freedom that truly exists for all mankind. While the physical body has certain limitations, the mind is capable of imagining the tiniest particle of an atom or the depths of the cosmos and beyond. This awareness in the inner levels of consciousness is true freedom.

By understanding our dreams we may gain a valuable tool for self discovery and growth. It is only by applying what has been learned from the dreams that real progress may be made. Look deeply and honestly at your life to see where the dream messages apply to you. When dreams recur it is a signal that the issue at hand needs your creative and loving attention. Make productive changes in your life and your dream time will continually be fresh and new.•
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