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Did you ever wish that you had a secret life, one that only you know about? Each one of us has this every time we disconnect our conscious mind and drift into the sweet realms of slumber. We step into the other world of colorful, vivid, imaginative and fantastic shapes and sounds. This state of reverie tells us who we are and what we need to do in order to better ourselves.

Dreams are messages from our inner self; we call subconscious mind. Dreams are a mirror reflection of thoughts, attitudes and level of productivity in our waking life. Many people interpret their dreams literally either frightening themselves or ignoring the message because they cannot make any sense of it.

Oftentimes the quest for spiritual knowledge begins with questions about dreams and what they mean. For example, one woman just starting her study of metaphysics had several dreams of flying, dreams where she was of Mexican or Indian descent, and nightmares. This dream was typical for her:

“I was flying high in the clouds and had the very warm sun upon my face. I felt a tremendous peace as I looked around at the blue sky, the clouds and the sun. I noticed that I was holding onto a ski rope handle. I followed it with my eyes and saw it connected to a boat racing along the water with my family in it. My father was driving the boat. I began to descend down the rope by pulling on it and joined my family in the boat . . .”

For years the woman wondered what the dream was telling her. As she began to learn the Universal Language of Mind and understand the symbols in her dream she was able to make sense of the dream message. The sun symbolizes awareness in the highest Self, or Superconscious Mind. The rope symbolizes the cord connecting her astral body to her physical body. The boat represents her physical body and the water represents conscious life experiences. The family symbolizes familiar aspects of the dreamer with her parents representing the aggressive and receptive qualities of her inner authority. 

This dream was telling the woman that she was astral projecting and while doing so was increasing her awareness of her surroundings, objectively looking at the different qualities or aspects of her self and knowing that her inner authority was in control. This made sense as she looked at what was going on in her life during the time of having the dream. She was becoming aware of her life and surroundings, realizing that it was time for a change. She began to delve into different studies of religion and metaphysics, creating a stronger desire to know her purpose for this lifetime.

As your life experiences change, so does the content of your dreams. Two rules to keep in mind when you are interpreting a dream are: Each dream is about you the dreamer, and each person, place and thing in the dream is an aspect or quality of yourself. When your attention is drawn to a person in the dream, think of what that person represents to you in your “awake” life. This will tell you about an aspect of yourself that has similar qualities or characteristics.

As you learn, grow and change during your waking hours, you will have an increasing awareness in your dreams and begin to notice that recurring dreams that you may have had in the past no longer occur. This is because you finally gave attention to the dream and made the changes in your life that the dream was telling you about. 

In order to give more attention to your dreams, purchase a spiral or hardbound book with blank pages and keep it along with a pen or pencil right next to your bed. Each morning upon waking, write down anything and everything that you remember and read it. By doing this, you are giving you subconscious mind that attention that it deserves and also practicing a type of listening to yourself. By causing this to be a part of each morning’s routine, you develop the skill to recall your dreams and pay attention to them. This in turn will enable you to know that you indeed dream every single night when you sleep, and to understand one of the reasons why the body needs sleep.

Dreams are your inner teacher. As the saying goes “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Dreams are messages from the teacher within yourself. If you ignore your dreams, after a while you will not recall them because you do not desire to use them. If you give them attention and listen to them, they keep coming back to teach you more, because you are eager to learn. 

After working with your dreams throughout the day, another simple way to ensure that you remember your nocturnal ventures, is to read your dream one more time before retiring for the evening, and reflect upon how you have interpreted it and used it throughout the day. This serves as a stimulus to your inner mind that you have completely used and applied the dream given the night before, and it opens your outer consciousness to receiving the next message. Completely using what has been given to you will ensure that you receive the next piece of information. 

As each stage of learning in your life has been fulfilled, you move to the next level of learning. Your dreams reflect your conscious state of awareness, and their quality and content change as you do.•

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