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October 8, 2013, is the 40th anniversary of the School of Metaphysics.
SOM is the manifestation of the ideal and purpose for Intuitive, Spiritual Man to love, learn, and live as a Presence on Earth. The 40th anniversary means we have collectively produced 40 generations of people who have benefited from the course of study here in the United States, and abroad through correspondence.

As I write this, I am the longest active, student-faculty member of SOM and its 12th graduate. I started studying in 1975, two years after SOM’s inception. Within three months I was transcribing intuitive reports and information for our earliest books, immediately becoming part of the expansive work that enables SOM to touch so many lives. I have been a part either directly or indirectly of this effort ever since, so when I shine the Light of my attention on how the SOM serves the people of the world, this is an alive image. A story that can, and needs to, be told. That is the heart of 40•4•40.

Four is a number indicative of stability. In geometry, four is the tetrahedron. It is old age and wisdom, sagehood; the final arc of a cycle. When the zero is added this lends the power of ten, the completion of an individual’s cycle of creation – Self mastery. For SOM to exist in integrity with its ideal and purpose of teaching teachers for 40 years, marks an outstanding contribution to the evolution of thousands of students. When the arc is enhanced to include the people who have received an intuitive report from SOM, read a book by a SOM author, heard a radio interview or seen a television spot featuring SOM representatives, now your mind can begin to receive the image I see of SOM’s influence over those 40 years. Now the impact of world-serving is manifest, “you will know them by their works”. Wherever SOM teachers and students appear – be it religious gatherings like the Parliament of the World’s Religions or secular conferences like the International Association for the Study of Dreams – their attitude of kindness and willingness to serve are welcomed by all. For many, 40•4•40 is an opportunity to contribute in the present to the growing efforts that are creating the future now.

40•4•40 is an opportunity for anyone who has ever been touched by the School of Metaphysics in any way to be prodigal sons and daughters. To come home to a seed idea that a some point in the past 40 years, made a difference in their lives. Perhaps you received an intuitive report back in 1978? Or were among the first to receive the evolutionary Transference of Energy reports in 1998? Now is the time – with 40•4•40 – to return to that seed and claim the bounty it has produced. How did that report impact your life?

I think about all the books SOM has published (over 100!), all the places they have gone all over the world, and how many lives have been changed. We have people from Germany write in for the book Total Recall. SOM Publishing doesn’t published this title as Total Recall any more. We haven’t for years. Yet, it remains active, people find it and want more. People will write in requesting You Really Can Have Anything that You Desire, a book by Jerry Rothermel which is sol online for over a $100. This is a 60-page pamphlet book, one of our hand-crafted books. It is amazing to see how our work has moved through the world. How to Raise an Indigo Child has been translated into five languages. SOM has five active websites to teach about mind, dreams, and consciousness. 40•4•40 is a thought form created through the giving and receiving of knowledge, understanding and wisdom, by countless numbers of people, over 40 years.

In my mind, 40•4•40 is a mental broadcast along lines of connectivity already existing between people who have crossed paths because SOM is a Presence in all seven levels of consciousness. 40•4•40 says, “If you have benefited from the School [of Metaphysics] in any way, shape or form let us know.” I am looking for everybody who heard any SOM rep on the radio (or saw Dr. Daniel Condron on the Today show!), read an article by someone like our President Dr. Laurel Clark that changed their life, had a dream interpreted at a lecture, local fair, or at dreamschool.org. We, those who comprise SOM in any given year, have served the developing educational needs of Spiritual Man in so many ways and we are ready to receive your stories of where you have taken what you learned.

As an educational organization, our primary function is our course of study. Most people come and go as with any college, university, or place of higher learning. SOM differs from them in that there is no administration separate from the student-teacher body. So through the years, there are those who elect to continue to learn through service, discipline, and teaching. This produces an incredible fulfilment of potential, both individually and collectively. I attribute the continual strength and evolvement of SOM to this impetus. SOM has held true to its original Ideal and Purpose while refining its expression of activity. 40•4•40 affords everyone an opportunity to be a part of SOM's future.

"I gave the first $40.00 toward 40 • 4 • 40 in June during a student weekend at the College. What an amazing feeling! I made my contribution as an affirmation of becoming a student in 1975. There were two benefits I saw immediately. First, SOM study gave me the courage and the wherewithall to replace recreational drugs with spiritual disciplines. That was amazing in my life at that time; it changed everything. Second, SOM people offered me mental concern. I could express openly and people would love me whether or not they agreed with me. I had been looking for this all of my life – truth and love, together. Those were the two things that benefited me immediately that made all the difference in my life." -Barbara O'Guinn Condron

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