Your IQ

The next section explains ten characteristics of the Intuitive
Thinker. The brief topic discussions include an excerpt from the world’s
largest collection of intuitive-gleaned wisdom. Acquired through the
efforts of two dozen people over five decades, the intuitive research is
reported from what modern physicists call the cosmic database and
what ancient wisdom calls the akashic field.

This intuitive reporting dates from the 1960s and continues to
evolve today. The excerpts provided here come from several different
types of reports offered with the intent to aid the individual to grow in
awareness as a Whole, Functioning Self.

These reports address the querent’s present state of being in the
context of a particular arena. For instance, Intuition Analyses relate
those factors necessary to separate, identify, accept, and admit the
intuitive faculties. Intuitive Health Analyses examine the mental,
emotional, and physical systems for disorders and recommendations
for corrections. Parenting Profiles relate a significant mind pattern active
in the individual’s present expression of parenting. Creative Mind
reports relate what will foster a movement in the energy exchange
between the ethereal and the material for the cultivation of genius.

Over a dozen reports, each with a specific intent, explore the multidimensional
depth of today’s intuitive, Spiritual Thinker.
Through the years, we have discovered that though each report is
designed for the person requesting it, the nature of intuitive wisdom
always carries universal applications. The next section draws from
these reports for insight and practical ways to understand, develop,
and apply intuition in our daily lives.


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