Past Life Crossing

When you meet someone you felt like you’ve known all your life, when you immediately feel drawn to or repelled by someone, when affinity crosses the line of coincidence; these are the times when a Past Life Crossing can bring intuitive knowledge into your waking consciousness. These reports describe relationships of yesterday as they pertain to your interactions now. In fact those training to give these reports have a highly defined sense of connectedness within Self and between others. This is reflected in the way the information is accessed and reported by the Conductor/Reporter team.

So why does it feel like your spouse and you have always been married?

Why has your son/daughter/mom/dad suddenly become the easiest/most difficult person to talk to?

How can you forgive your best friend so your relationship can grow again? How can you re-earn your friend’s trust? 

What is the best way to get along with your new boss/coworker?




What people tell us about SOM Past Life Crossing Profiles . . .


“Several years ago someone with your organization did a report regarding a past life crossing with an individual. The report was hard to believe immediately but over time proved to be remarkably accurate. I wonder if you could do another past life crossing for me with another individual.” MB, Boulder, Colorado

“I have found two brothers that were discovered through Past Life Crossings. It helped me to understand why I felt so close to these guys I barely knew.” IS, Clinton, Mississippi

These are the questions we need to ask, for asking them opens the door to a higher quality of life for ourselves and others. These are questions that deserve answers.

Intuitive counseling brings forward the intuitive insight existing within you but presently unaccessible by you. These insights exist in the inner levels of mind in the same places your dreams occur. Intuitive Reporters are trained to access these places for information that is relevant to the present existence. They seek only the information that will shed light on who you are, where you came from, why you are here, and where you are going.

With this kind of insight your experiences take on new qualities, new points of view.

“I want to tell you how grateful I am to you for the intuitive reports you have done for me in the past year. I believe the School of Metaphysics provides one of the greatest services to others that I have ever found . . .I would like to share at least a few of the ways in which the reports have benefitted my life and others’ lives too. . . In the summer I had a crossing reading. I was torn between whether to continue in a relationship I had or to discontinue the relationship. My grief at losing the relationship was immense but if I chose the relationship, my career would suffer. The report suggested I look at the desires I had formed aside from the relationship and then see if the relationship fit with those desires. This suggestion enabled me to see that my goals and desires did not fit with the relationship. I am a chemistry student and would have had to drop out of chemistry to continue the relationship. Instead, I applied for a “cooperative education” program (like an internship) in St. Louis. The competition for this opportunity to learn on the job in the chemistry lab is intense. Yet, the interview went well and I was offered the position which I accepted! This is just another way the School of Metaphysics has made a difference in my life. I now have professional experience (and) have been well rewarded financially for my efforts.” MK, Springfield, Missouri

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