Transference of Intuitive Knowledge through Understanding Energy

By Matt Valois

Among the many wonderful events at the past All Student Weekend, ranging from SOM’S GOT TALENT and fabulous work crews to a Sunday Church service of sacred walking, was the Transference of Energy intuitive report session Saturday evening, conducted by Dr. Daniel Condron and reported by Dr. Barbara Condron.

That evening, Jesse Reece, Allan Rider, Rory Colgan, and I were given the opportunity to receive a special report that highlights the ways in which energy moves through the being and ways to cultivate energetic movement to produce wholeness and longevity. Just as a mechanic might check the status of a car through a 40-point inspection to test for strength, durability, and optimal performance levels, this report describes the state of chakras, energy meridians, and the attitudes that produce the energetic movement, providing invaluable insight for further self-exploration and evolution: an assessment given from the perspective of the 3rd level of mind!

Laurie Biswell, a current college graduate teacher and student, remembers being part of the group of people who received this type of report in its beginning stages of development. At the time, people referred to it as the “Super Health Analysis:” a report much like a Health Analysis with “a different question Dr. Daniel asked at the beginning of the report.” Laurie said.

One of the lines of relativity that both Laurie and the current group of college students share is the opportunity to receive reports like these in relationship to being present as students at the College of Metaphysics. “As you give, so shall you receive.” This familiar scripture from the Bible correlates with the experience as a College of Metaphysics student. Much of the time as a college student is spent dedicated to service, whether that’s cultivating a garden, carrying for the animals, or interpreting dreams for people halfway across the world. It develops an invaluable strength and responsibility in giving. Through giving, understandings are built, insight is given, and highly valuable tools for applying metaphysical principles are received.

As college students give their service whole-heartedly, experiences like receiving Transference of Energy reports can be utilized for greater self-discovery, insight, and transformation. Jesse Reece has the opportunity to strengthen the bridge between his profound mind experiences to the connections he is making with people. Allan Rider is learning to manifest the world he sees possible. Rory Colgan is gaining greater understanding of how to stay centered in love and compassion. I am strengthening my connection and relationship with the Permanent Self. All of these and more are occurring through the application of the recent Transference of Energy reports. This is merely a taste of what can be experienced as a College of Metaphysics student.•

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