The Vision of our College

college of metaphysics, teaching timeless principles of living

COLLEGE OF METAPHYSICS, teaching timeless principles for living

of our College

Since its inception, we have envisioned the campus in southern Missouri, where the School of Metaphysics started. In the country away from already established metro areas, land is plentiful for growth and expansion. It is also virgin, and so we can cooperate with nature in our design and building.

We have always known the campus will center around a large pyramid, a scale version of the Great Pyramid of Giza, whose form naturally collects and disseminates energies that we will then receive and channel for productive uses. Around the pyramid will be geodesic domes in clusters of three that will house students and their teacher. This has been the dream from the beginning. It is the dream today.

In 1982, the first manifestation of the dream reached the material world with the purchase of over 700 acres of paradise in southwest Missouri just north of Branson. Rolling hills, mountain cliffs, riverbanks, wooded areas, natural springs, here you are in the presence of nature, creation and its Creator. We awaken to the bright chirps of cardinals and go to sleep to the tree frogs’ lullaby. Deer and wild turkey have their times and seasons for daily treks across the campus. And for every tree cut and put to use, at least 10 new ones are planted. We share the land with life forms native to this area. It is a community in the fullest sense of the word. Meditations are rich here.

I still think about how profound the life we lead is. How profound it is to the vast majority of people. We live what in several hundred or perhaps a thousand years will be commonplace. We are living the future now.

There is a definite intention in mind guiding people here at the national headquarters of the School of Metaphysics. We live together, eat together, meditate together, work together, laugh together, learn together. The limitations accepted by and therefore operating in the lives of most — the lying, cheating, stealing, hating — are sacrificed by those who live here. These are part of the small consciousness that is left behind as we go beyond the boundaries of our physical existence.

We envision an expansion of consciousness occurring for all of humanity. We describe it as the movement from Reasoning Man into Spiritual Man. Our joint purpose is to accelerate mankind’s evolutionary progress. To this end, we live what we teach. We endeavor to live as Spiritual Man now. We are indeed a spiritual community existing in the world but not of it.

I learned at the Parliament of the World’s Religions that what we have is something people emulate. It’s something that people want to be able to do. Our community can be a paradigm for people to study, to learn about, to come and to live here for a period of time and take it back to wherever they live.

The current College of Metaphysics program adds to the community because people come to study here for a year. The community is growing. There used to be largely people who were single who lived here, increasingly married people are making their home here. This has introduced children into our community. To date our youngest College student was 19 and the oldest was 65, with family members ranging from newly born to 78.

Although such community is not the reason the School of Metaphysics exists, community is nurtured in each individual and to the degree it takes root that inner communion shines forth in our relations with others.

What is undeniable is the power of Universal Law in our lives. When I began metaphysical studies my favorite quote came from the sixth lesson which centers on friendship:


“Friendship is the universal spiritual attraction uniting souls in bonds of Divine love. It can manifest itself in relationships between two or many people. Spirit is and was one. By the Law of Duality, Spirit became two, positive and negative. Then, by the Law of Infinity applied to the Law of Relativity, it becomes many. Now the one in the many is endeavoring to unite the many and make One. The efforts of the soul to unite many souls with a common ideal and purpose works through intelligence, will, and intuition, finding its greatest expression in friendship.”



The words are timeless because they describe Universal principles that guide the evolution of our universe.

Through the years the realization has come in waves that comprehending concepts in the scope of our own life experiences is what moves us from the one-dimensional learning of intellectual study into the two-dimensional realm of learning, direct experience. The former is acquiring information from other’s experiences, the latter is knowledge gained from your own mental and physical presence and participation.

There is no replacement for personal experience for it is the catalyst that begins the maturation of consciousness from a state of believing into a state of knowing. The journey to knowing is hastened in the third dimension of learning, reasoning. Here the outer mind seeks union with the inner mind for not only physical accomplishment but, more importantly, for soul progression. Knowing never usurps believing. Rather, believing commences the journey that arrives at knowing. This alchemy of consciousness culminates in intuition, the key into the fourth dimension.


“Several years before I had begun developing a vision and perception of the energy lines or ley lines on the College of Metaphysics campus and their relationship to the Earth Grid of ley lines both on the planet and above and around planet Earth.”



Read Dr. Daniel Condron’s article on the sacred geometry experiments occurring on campus now










As I progressed in the study, I found it is the spiritual disciplines accompanying the lessons that give life to teachings. The lessons stimulate believing, the disciplines hone and sharpen the mind’s capacities for reasoning and for intuition. These developed skills open doors to personal experience that accelerate soul progression. By employing those skills an individual masters the movement of consciousness from believing into knowing, enabling the student to exist in four dimensions simultaneously. This is inner communion. Outer communion is a companion skill.

Eventually we anticipate a community of three thousand living on this campus. We’ll welcome people from all over the world here. We’ll have a full community. And it will be very intentional — in its purpose, in its duty and its function. The first of many visionary wisdom-centered communities throughout the world.
(from Spiritual Renaissance, copyright 1999 SOM)

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