TAKING THE NEXT STEP by Christine Andrews

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How one student decided to Study at the College of Metaphysics




by Christine Andrews

Metaphysics was still very new to me. I was fascinated that it was possible to receive spiritual instruction while sleeping. This bit of information was helpful weeks later when I had another dream that was also outstanding.

I am at the College of Metaphysics. I am sitting at the table with Dr. Dan, Dr. Barbara, Sharka, Sherri and John. Dr. Dan looks at me and says ‘You’re here now, you might as well stay.’ I agree with him and ask Dr. Barbara what she thinks. She says ‘You’re ready to be here, I think it’s a good idea.” I decide I am going to stay.
symbols in my dream:



College of Metaphysics – place in mind to focus on spiritual learning
Dr. Dan – aggressive action of superconscious mind
Dr. Barbara – receptive action of superconscious mind
people (Sharka, Sherri, John) – aspects of Self

Again, when I woke from this dream it was so real that I felt like I had been at that table. As with the other dream I thought about it often. I had considered attending the College of Metaphysics for a year of intensive study yet had not set a definite goal. When I interpreted the dream the meaning was clear to me. The essence of the dream was that much of my attention was on gaining greater spiritual awareness and as a result I was open to the highest part of my mind, the superconscious. This meant that my thoughts and actions were aligned with my purpose for this lifetime. This interpretation fit because it was true that my consciousness was filled with gaining spiritual awareness. Again, it seemed like there was something more to this dream that I had yet to understand. My answer came a week later.

I was talking with the director of the School of Metaphysics that I attended. She was teaching me about Wesak. Wesak occurs in the spring and is a celebration in honor of Buddha’s birthday. A less known fact is that during this time all the souls invested in furthering the evolution of humanity come together as teachers and students in the inner levels. It is a time of reflection, contemplation and envisioning the future.

It is possible to be conscious of the activities during Wesak. Until one has honed the skills required to consciously exist in the inner levels, remembering dreams is the best way. I was curious to know if there was anything different about my dreams during Wesak. Immediately I looked back through my dream journal and discovered I had this dream during that time and realized this was another inner level experience. Once again my desire to learn had brought me together with my spiritual teachers and I was receiving guidance from them.

An interesting footnote explains the three other people who were at the table with me. Sharka, Sherri and I did end up attending the College together in January of 1995. When I had the dream, however, Sharka was planning on beginning in July of 1994 and Sherri had no plans on attending. John had set a goal to begin his year of study in January 1995 but he was unprepared financially and therefore unable to fulfill his commitment. Our souls came together months before the actually physical event of attending the College took place and in some cases before the individual’s conscious mind was even aware of the desire. 

Because I had this dream during Wesak I believed it was very important and was willing to heed the advice given. My desire to learn was stronger than the limitations I had harbored. Within a few days I made the choice to attend the College of Metaphysics for a year of advanced study and I set a goal to begin in January of 1995. I communicated this goal to my teachers and backed it up with payment toward tuition.

Again, the people in this dream were my teachers so they represent, in this case, both the receptive and aggressive aspects of the superconscious mind. I was receiving direct teaching from them in the subconscious mind – we were not physically sitting at the table. As before it was my desire to learn and their desire to teach that brought us together. The powerful urge the soul has to build understanding and awareness truly goes beyond time and space.

-from the book Interpreting Dreams for Self Discovery

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