by Allan Rider

Living at the College of Metaphysics provides opportunities to practice service on many different levels. The World Headquarters of the School of Metaphysics gives to people all over the world. Through we often interpret dreams from Southeast Asia. We also teach international correspondence students. The highest level of service I believe to be the opportunities to experience personal transformation through one of the many weekend experiences offered at the College. Four such weekends were offered in the last month.


The first opportunity was the Dharma Spiritual Focus Session. Seven individuals from across the nation chose to spend this time investigating their soul’s purpose for this lifetime. At weekend such as these students and faculty serve by creating a nurturing, friendly atmosphere aiding people to receive the powerful truth presented to them. At our final group meal everyone who attended had the space to share their Dharma and their experience of the weekend. The Dharmas were as different as the individuals, ranging from Justice, to genuineness, to persuasion. What they expressed about the weekend was the same. Each shared a simple and heartfelt expression of gratitude for what they had received, an experience that changed their lives.

The Green Team

The third weekend of every month presents this environment of evolution to students and teachers. At this time many of the upper level classes meet along with specialized classes such as Still Mind class and Second Cycle Teachology. There are also different campus improvement projects. The Green Team completed constructing planters for the greenhouse, Bryon Parrino led a crew beautifying the orchard fencerow, Larry Hudson continued the renovation of the Bunkhouse bathroom, and Brian Kraichley and his crew improved the roof on the Moon Valley Ranch house. These projects provided each participant a space to pay forward some of the value they have received from the College by making improvements that enrich the physical manifestation of the School’s ideal, purpose, and activity.

The end of September brought the return of Dr Fred Weaver and his wife Sandy. This was a weekend of service supporting health from an energetic standpoint. The Weavers gave attendees a two-fold approach to greater health combining food as medicine and Chi Gong. Service was given by the by the residents of the College in supporting the event, and the people in attendance served themselves by choosing to learn a new way to create greater wholeness.

October Student Weekend

Fourth and finally was the October Student Weekend. The space to give service at a student weekend is everywhere one can imagine. Some woke before the sun to fix a delicious breakfast to fuel the many creations on Saturday. Others preformed karma Yoga before leaving on Sunday. Many gave of their talents Friday night at the Talent show organized and led by the college students. Everyone gave in different ways to the Saturday projects. This weekend was unique among many Student Weekends in that the college class received Transference of Energy reports Saturday night. It was another wonderful weekend of new friends, new experiences, and new ways to give.

Why the focus on service you may ask? As Dr Daniel Condron teaches the Bhagavad Gita, there are three words that describe its essence: discipline, service, and teaching. Service is a way to give so that we have room to receive more. It is a physical expression of the true nature of reality, which is connectedness. It is an activity that can be used to manifest a goal and realize a purpose. It can be as simple as a genuine smile.•

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