Jeff’s email about the College of Metaphysics

Jeff’s email about the College of Metaphysics

COLLEGE OF METAPHYSICS, teaching timeless principles for living


We receive inquiries daily from people all over the world who want to know about the School of Metaphysics. Here is one we received from a man in the United States in September 2002.


I’m like no way… A College about learning about life”

hmmm what to say :)….. Well I guess I’ll just write and stop worrying about what to write….. I am reading the Book Kundalini Rising right now…. I saw it in a book store and what caught my attention was Kundalini….. Someone the day before had mentioned to me that I should look up a book that was called “Dancing with The Serpent” By Patricia Anne Bloise… That it was a book explaining this Kundalini Energy that I knew very little about and I still dont know much about it…. But what she said told me basically that I had to find out more about it…. That people who had developed depression or were depressed was because this Energy wasn’t being used or something like that…. which could eventually make the person insane… Well seeing as how much of that rang true for me that this energy was also known as a creative energy and well I just figured I’d buy the book…

Well unforunately when I went to buy this book they told me that they were out of date and they weren’t being printed anymore… So I felt kinda bummed out about this just because I really felt as though this book would help me solve this depression that has been with me for the last couple of years…. So I went to go find some other reading materials and well Just happens I saw the book “Kundalini Rising” and I figured maybe this book would tell me more about this mysterious Energy….. So while I was reading this book I saw a card in the middle of it and what caught my eye was the College Of Metaphysics…. I’m like no way… A College about learning about life…… Something that I have had a passion for every since Highschool…

So anyways yeah :)… To make this short for you… Im sure you get emails all the time…. I just wanted to tell you that I am interested and would like to learn more about this college… I visited the website and have found out that there isn’t any colleges where I live which is in Western Massachusetts but that I could take the first cycle long distance… I mean I really dont know much about the place…. so Hopefully you could tell me more about it… Like is there a work-study program there… where I could work for you and well I could take the classes for free and stay there free… hehe…. I know thats a long shot but ya never know…. How much are the classes? or the First Cycle actually since thats the one I would be taking…. Hmmm what else….. Do I have to apply to take classes there? Well I guess thats enough questions for now… Id be more then happy to hear what you have got to say about anything else too :)….
take care*


Here’s our response.

Dear Jeff,

We are glad you took a chance and wrote to us. My name is Stacy and I am a College of Metaphysics student. Before I came here to study I was a student in Columbia, Missouri at the University and at the School of Metaphysics. I first joined the classes because I was getting migraine headaches every other day and was about to go crazy because I had no idea who I was or what I was supposed to do with my life. I wanted to understand why I am here. I had tried all kinds of things to feel better mentally, emotionally, and physically (chiropractics, homeopathy, energy work, massage, etc.) and I was still stuck. I felt like studying at the School of Metaphysics was worth a shot. I had no idea that the day I walked through that door my life would change forever.

It wasn’t a big change at first. At first it was going to a place once a week where normal life problems like money, work, etc. didn’t exist. I would go meet with wonderful, positive people and discuss and experience things that were deeper than I had ever considered life to be. I had not idea that there was so much more to me than I had ever thought of. Over the course of a few months a shift occurred in my consciousness. It was so gradual that I didn’t notice it at first. But one day I realized that I felt really good and that life was going really good and I realized that because of the daily disciplines and exercises I had been doing, I had harmonized myself with the universe. It was amazing and it keeps getting better here at the College.

In answer to your questions, yes you can take the first level of our course through correspondence, although I would suggest that if you are serious about wanting to have a different kind of life and experience (i.e. move out of depression) that you consider moving to a city where we have a school center. Studying through correspondence will definitely do you good and get you going in the right direction, however there is no replacement for having a teacher and classmates that you see every week and can spend time with outside of class if you wish.

Yes, the College program is work study. It is not free. Students pay $2000 + 100 x the last digit of the year. So in 2002 it was $2200. In 2003 it will be $2300. This pays for all room and board and food and learning. It’s an amazing deal. All you have to pay for are extra stuff like shampoo and snacks if you want them and books (which aren’t very expensive). Classes are all the time whether it is working in the garden, the orchard, with the animals, at meal times around the table or in our formal classes. Our teachers are people who have been studying metaphysics for over a quarter of a century and they are amazing! Every day is like a differet adventure.

Because the College is where our School of Metaphysics World Headquarters is centered, even though we are out in the country on 1500 acres of beautiful wooded rolling hills, energetically it feels like we are in the middle of a city. We receive phone calls, emails, and visits from people around the world and students, teachers, and directors from our 14 school centers often visit. It’s wonderful! We also grow and make much of our food. We have 3 big gardens, a big orchard, dairy cows, beef cows, pigs, and chickens. We make butter, cheese, salsa, pickles, have freshly squeezed milk, we raise vegetables almost all year round and do canning, and raise our own livestock. The well water fresh from Colorado is amazing, the air is clear and clean and the starry sky at night is beautiful! Studying at the college is worth more than any one of us could afford.

If you would like for one of our teachers to write to you with more information about our correspondence course and how to register, send us your mailing address. If you would like for us to put you in touch with one of our directors at our school centers, we can do that too. Once you have completed the first level of study whether it is through a school center (in which case it will take about 9 months) or through correspondence (1.5-2 years) you will be eligable to apply to be a College of Metaphysics student. The college term is 1 and a half years.

Jeff, it was wonderful hearing from you. There is a lot to be said for sharing so much of yourself even though you did not know who would receive this message or what they would do with it. One of the things you will learn in the School is that as you give so shall you receive and because you gave of yourself you have received much love from us. We look forward to hearing back from you! Have a wonderful day!

I send you my circle of love,

Stacy Ann Ferguson
School of Metaphysics Representative

©2003 SOM



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