Experiencing the Divine By Laurie J. Biswell

College of Metaphysics, learning about the whole self

COLLEGE OF METAPHYSICS, learning about the whole self


Experiencing the Divine

By Laurie J. Biswell

It has hardly been a full month since I arrived on campus as a college student. My expectations were and are high and they already have been transcended. I have eagerly and expectantly am receiving all new types of learning. Some I had expected, some I have never even imagined. Now I know that the College of Metaphysics is truly the best place to be to accelerate your soul, growth and progression a hundred fold.

Everyday is a new experience that adds on to the next. I would like to share with you one of my visions of what the School of Metaphysics as a whole is to bring about. This whole experience was stimulated by Dr. Barbara asking us (All the New College Students) to pay attention to our breath as we prayed the Prayer for Enlightenment. She asked us at a later time what we had learned about our breath. I said I had been thinking about it, but found it to be difficult at times and I noticed that I would get really tense and would have to pause from speaking so I could gain a breath. Dr. Barbara said, “You mean the physical breath?”

Now that got me to thinking. Yes, it was all very quite physical. I would have an opportunity to learn more about my breath very quickly. That afternoon I had the honor of being a member of Tad’s incredible fence crew. I decided that this would be a great place to practice becoming more conscious of my breathing. I started out by telling myself for the next thirty minutes I will be fully aware of each breath I take in and each breath I let out. Dr. Barbara’s words came to my mind again…”you’re talking about the physical breath?”… I knew I must take this deeper than just becoming aware of it, I needed to cause myself to breath. I discovered two things by doing this, one, I am very thankful for my subconscious mind and two, that when you release your breath even in those most stressful times of your life they can begin to become very easy to work with. I learned it is a very good thing to breath.

The next time we went out to the fence, Lisa, my new classmate, came with us and I shared with her what I had learned during my first fence crew about releasing the breath instead of becoming tense with it. By striving to teach her more about breathing, I began to see how breath plays a vital part in our health. In those times when we tend to find life hard or what some may say stressful is when we tense our body trying to force our way through. I have experience much pain by doing this and it usually doesn’t cause the object of desire to move any more quickly. All that I find it to do is to increase my level of depletion and pain. By continuing mentioning to Lisa, how are you breathing?, I was reminded to breath myself. I noticed that it was important for me to stay focused on it at all times. This I believed was the best way to become more aware of my influence on others. It was my connection to her that aided me to understand my own level of awareness of my breath. All of these experiences would become the catalyst for the next experience I would have, simply by focusing on my breath.

The last time that I went down to the good old fence line I began to concentrate more fully on the breath. Instead of just a few minutes of this I decided I would pay attention the entire time I was on the fence line. I noticed that I felt very calm and relaxed. I moved efficiently and directed. This time as we were beginning to close up shop and pack up our fencing tools and supplies, I noticed and experienced a flowery, glowing, yellow, illuminating light. It looked like it was a flower blooming. It was transparent in nature and moved in a cylindrical type fashion. I was waiting on John M. to finish putting the final three metal posts in the ground. I continued to breath as I collected the old fence posts and place them in a pile. As we were climbing back up the steep hill all the time continuing to observe my breath. Then I looked back towards the Main campus and saw the dome from a distance. This is where I would have the vision that inspired me to see the Goal, Purpose and Activity of the School of Metaphysics in a whole new light.

As I gazed upon the dome I saw this energetic ball of light surrounding all the buildings now existing on our campus. I looked a little to the North West of the Dome and I saw what seemed to be a silhouette of a large pyramid. It was as if I was looking through crystal clear water. It was in constant motion transparent in color and form. We were approaching the truck now and I began to write down what I was thinking, feeling and experiencing. I began my thoughts with a question.

How does this relate to energy and what type of energy is this that I see?

I had a vision of what the School of Metaphysics is creating.

We are as individuals and as a school and as a collective consciousness are learning how to generate the consciousness to create what the Great Pyramid and Sphinx has created. The School of Metaphysics’ energy will be that of a new transformer to be able to use to travel home. It will be as if a portal left open for those with eyes to see to transport back and forth. there will need to be a distinction and a collective consciousness for this to come about. This transformer will be used similar as before but this will only be accessible for those with a disciplined heart.

This vision was and still is a motivating factor within and throughout me. I have always valued and honored what the school teaches and gives and know the importance of it. This vision took this importance to a whole new level. I realize that Now is the time.

Can you believe it has only been one month since I officially became a college student. My life has transformed and I have hardly even begun. If you are looking for rapid soul, growth, and transformation the College of Metaphysics is truly the best place to be on this Earth!

©2003 SOM


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