Beginnings and Endings

by Jesse Reece

The month of August here at the College of Metaphysics included the beginning of the Summer Olympics in Beijing, China. There was a dream experiment that began here at the college, which is drawing connections between the Beijing Olympic games and the affect of world events on individual consciousness as it reflects in the individual’s dreams.

Both Rory Colgan and I joined a number of other School of Metaphysics teachers and students in attending the city of Columbia and our parents at the August POWERS of TEN. It was a new beginning for the event with Ivy Norris assisting Dr. Barbara Condron as the presenter for the very first time.

We have two new College Graduate Teachers, Aisha Causey and Jonathan Duerbek. Jonathan has been a healthy addition to the garden crew and a great assistance in the renovation occurring in the Dream Valley House. The renovation is preparing space for families to experience the College of Metaphysics.

Aisha Causey directed the overwhelmingly successful August 2008 transcribathon. She titled this experience the Open Heart Transcribathon. She arranged for Dr. Daniel Condron to lead the weekend with an Open Heart experience. Each computer was set up with colorful Open Heart station labels and there were superbly colorful labels for the boxes being used as proofed and corrected boxes. The visualization was nearly perfect from beginning to end, which lead to the space often being filled with many people. People enjoy transcribing intuitive reports. People enjoy concentrating. Aligning the minds is pleasant and receiving universally applicable, “Universal” Truth is fulfilling. Many people started the weekend resistant and ended fulfilled and appreciative. I appreciate the image I have of a truly successful transcribathon and the use of visualization in expanding ones consciousness to include other people. I appreciate making things simple for others. Making experiences simple for others frees attention to receive. Causing thinking to be simple also frees attention to receive the high consciousness from the Self. This is why the highest levels of mind are described as simple by those who know.

The very beginning of September included National Teachers Conference. Many new directors were introduced. Dr. Laurel’s lecture series on dreams was announced and the preparation for this event was a center of activity for the weekend.

This month saw the birth and addition of two dairy calves to this campus. Affectionately referred to as Brown Calf and Black Calf. The rains have slowed and the summer heat settled in for the first time this year. With the increased heat came an increase in the activity of the garden insects. The month of August saw the death of many squash vines, collard greens, and the near eradication of rows of kale, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and beans.

The record corn-producing year has come to an end. Loads of tomatoes and peppers were produced this month. The peach trees released the final of thousands of peaches they had made over the last few months. The apple trees and pear trees are loaded and we are enjoying the fruits daily. With the death of so many squash vines comes the collecting and eating of many squash. The fall garden is growing consistently and we have our first garbanzo bean pods.

The end of July brought a new Superconscious Oracle. In the reflection of August there are many beginnings and endings. There is an accleration taking place in consciousness and we each play an important role. Concentration is a foundation that will carry those who are willing through into new perspectives, into new responsibilities, into new experiences of them Selves.

In September things will begin and things will end. The same is true for November and December. Many people died today and many were born. At least one plant that was alive in our garden this morning will probably be dead by the evening. By the end of the week we will find countless new blooms. Everyone in this building will have a desire fulfilled by the end of the day. At week's end everyone in this building will most likely be left wanting in some way. At the end of this day the Sun will go down out of sight, and in the morning it will come back up. I will eat something delicious at some point during this week and when I am finished it will be gone and there will be no more readily available.

I often find my Self, while apparently doing the same thing today that I did every day this month. Lately, I have observed my Self growing stronger as I practice the same activities. Doing is an opportunity to understand being. Making doing a discipline builds strength. Strength of Mind allows for consciousness to be wakeful. Wakefulness is fulfilling. Wakefulness allows us to see that nothing is ever the same as it was. The present moment is a continual experience of now offering infinite possibilities. Our degree of concentration and stillness of mind determine the capacity, the space we have to receive what is. All of creation is available now.• ( Vol. 38, No. 10)

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