College of Metaphysics – What College Life today is like

College of Metaphysics – What College Life today is like

COLLEGE OF METAPHYSICS, Revitalizing the Land


What’s it like to live at the College of Metaphysics today?




The Burn of Spring 2003

Saturday, March 8th


The College of Metaphysics is a sacred place. Since we purchased the land in Windyville, Missouri thousands of students have given their time, energy, attention, and love to creating a physical place to birth spiritual, intuitive man. Dr. Daniel Condron, the chancellor of the College of Metaphysics, directs the energy at our World Headquarters to make our collective dream a reality. We have been wanting to burn the north side of our property for over a year now and this past November Kerry Leigh, a student from Palatine, talked to Dr. Dan about her professional experience with controlled burns. As a result of Dr. Dan’s vision for the land and Kerry’s willingness to serve on March 8th and 9th, Kerry spent the weekend giving to the College.

Saturday Kerry explained that the reason for burning land is to make a beautiful, natural environment for people to enjoy. Her wisdom and willingness to teach enabled all of us to be part of her vision. Tad Messenger expressed the sentiments of the entire group when he said, “I want to thank Carrie for sharing her expertise, knowledge, and equipment. I learned a lot from how she unified us. She engaged each one of us, “(Kerry’s identifying Dharma quality is engagement).

The time of purifying the land coincided with the Spiritual Focus Session devoted to healing. The three student servers were able to participate in this group consciousness activity and were a welcomed addition. Xavier, a student from the Dallas SOM, said“I would pay $200 just to come burn.” 3 teachers from the Springfield SOM came and participated as well. One of them, Talina Woods, has made a mind map with the end goal being giving $750 at the end of March towards her year of study at the College of Metaphysics said, “Today is my ten-fold day, so I knew I would come. What a great way to cause expansion!”

The current College students were grateful to be able to serve in this way. John Harrison said, “My most amazing experience was watching John Crainshaw run across the fields, climb a barb wire fence with a 50 pound water pack on his back, and put out a fire that had jumped the road. He was Mr. Response.” Laurie Biswell added, “I think one of the best experiences was being able to hear the fire. It sounded like an orchestra.” And Erika Scholz summed it up saying, “There is a profound beauty that is born when people combine to meet an awesome force of nature.”

Working with a group of metaphysicians is a special treat. People who practice the life skills like self respect, undivided attention, and concentration transform the activity they are involved in into multi-dimensional experiences. Kerry remarked, “I had a good time. It was really a good experience for me to bring everyone together as a team, especially with metaphysicians because of everyone’s great attitude.” The School of Metaphysics is all about people. Where two or more students are gathered to give their time and energy in service the world becomes a better place.

We give you our circle of love,

Matthew D. Marian

“I think one of the best experiences was being able to hear the fire. It sounded like an orchestra.”















“There is a profound beauty that is born when people combine to meet an awesome force of nature.”

  Monday, March 10th





Dear Dr. Dan and Burn Crew:

I am writing to let you know what a gift this last weekend was for me. I feel that I am only now beginning to be aware of it’s effects. I was initially embarrassed with the gratefulness expressed for my efforts believing that I didn’t deserve that for just doing what I do, and that my ego would be fed. I came home full of energy on Sunday night and arrived at 3:30 am (singing “Oldies” at the top of my lungs on the radio for the last hour)….slept for 3 hours and got up for another full day. Energized. I related the events of the weekend to my burn crew at work and my husband, and suddenly I saw what we had accomplished in a different light. My crew at work were amazed at the minimal mop up we had to do, especially on the first day with the heat and wind.

I am seeing what an exceptional group of people I have the honor to work with in my spiritual growth. All the processes of working together, transcending physical discomfort, (especially eating smoke and wobbly legs at the end of the day), focused attention and mental attitude were just THERE. All I really needed to do was explain how this task worked, and the understandings flowed into the task. The processes were the same. I also realized that I do have some valuable things to give and to teach, and through your eyes I have seen myself in this new light.

I will be starting to teach this summer, and I always want to do things big. We want our schools to be big. I feel the time is good as I see an expanding consciousness and people are receptive. 60 students, each new class here we come. Thank you Dr. Dan for your confidence in me and everyone else for giving me the opportunity to see through your eyes. Love and blessings to you all. Kerry

The Story Behind the Burn





Improving our College of Metaphyiscs Campus

by Dr. Daniel R. Condron


For some time I had been thinking about ways to take care of and improve the North side of our College Campus. The south side gets a lot of attention because that is where our campus buildings are located and therefore much of the student life occurs there

Now the North side needed attention. Our neighbor Bob Hostetler had mentioned he wanted to burn his property off and wondered if it would be okay if it burned off part or all of Moon Valley Ranch South which is located across the road from the Main building. I said that would be great. I thought about this awhile and the next time I saw him I asked him about burning off the north side of the Main campus because he had a man from Arkansas who was with the conservation department there and did burns for them professionally. In other words he had a lot of experience in burning off brush and pasture lands. Bob said he would get back to me about that

In the meantime a student weekend was held in the fall of 2002 on the College of Metaphysics campus. During that weekend Kerry Leigh came up to me ans daid her director had told her to talk to me and tell me as Chancellor of the College of Metaphysics what she could do. So I said okay tell me your skills and what you know how to do. Kerry proceeded to tell me of her skills and then she mentioned burning off acreage. I said tell me more about what you know about burning off land. She told me that is a part of the work she does at her job as a part of managing nature lands and conservation areas

I then asked Kerry if she would be interested in working with people here at the College of Metaphysics and other students in the School of Metaphysics to burn off the North side fo the College of Metaphysics campus. She said she would.

I knew I would always rather have students in the School of Metaphysics use their talents and abilities than bring in people to hire or do the work because when students work with students everyone learns and grows. Besides it is usually more fun and exciting to work with other people who are studying Metaphysics and are learning to use their minds more effectively.

Kerry had made other arrangements for the student weekend in March, 2003 so after talking it over with several people at the College of Metaphysics it was decided to do the burn on the second weekend of March. It went very well as given in this letter from Kerry and as given elsewhere in Vibrations.

I was glad the burn went so well and ever more importantly I was fulfilled that students learned so much and grew in awareness during the experience. The College of Metaphysics experience is designed to enhance the student’s awareness.•

“When students work with students everyone learns and grows. Besides it is usually more fun and exciting to work with other people who are studying Metaphysics and are learning to use their minds more effectively.”


What are the top 10 reasons to study at the College of Metaphysics?


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