There You Have It

There you have it!

An introduction to your own intuitive quotient (IQ). Your initial
findings give you a picture of how you see yourself intuitively based on
your own experience. Here are three ways to analyze your responses.

If you deemed all of the statements true, then you
have a healthy view of your own intuition. You actively benefit from
engaging your instincts and “gut feelings” in your aspirations and relationships.
As you read on, you will find examples for applying intuitive
wisdom that may clarify your own abilities. You stand to learn how to
develop your reasoning skills so your intuition can be more helpful to

If some of the statements are true, take another
sheet of paper. Draw a vertical line down the center with Truth as
a heading on the right side, and False, a heading on the left. Now,
write the statements under the appropriate column based upon your
responses. This action will enable you to see where your intuitive
strengths are growing and where they are fallow. As you read on, the
contrast will provide you with a rich texturalization of how you use
your mind. You will learn how to better balance the inner intuition
and the outer reasoning.

If all of the statements are false, then you have
learned ten valuable lessons about yourself in the past half hour. Your
responses put the focus on the areas where the most progress can be
made in developing your intuitive faculties. In this way, you have a list
of ideals. As you read further, these ideals will become goals that you
can more easily see as achievable.

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