Still Mind Present Moment Open Heart March 26, 2016

Still Mind
Present Moment
Open Heart

March 26, 2016School of Metaphysics
2839 Sandage Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76109



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A High Consciousness Spiritual Teaching for Lasting Peace of Mind

The Still Mind
The Still Mind is the hope of the world because in the Still Mind, there is peace. When thoughts cease to impinge on a person’s consciousness, then what is left is peaceful wholeness of being. All true and great creative processes begin in a Still Mind because one is free to choose any creative thought.

The Present Moment
The Present Moment is the only time that we have. Therefore, it gives us the opportunity to know the true nature of reality, which is the interconnectedness of all creation.

The Open Heart
The Open Heart enables us to fully understand, give, and receive love on its highest level. Only the Open-Hearted one knows the bliss of union.


During this experiential seminar,
you will discover and learn techniques to help you…
✴ Cultivate Stillness
✴ Be grounded in the present moment
✴ Open your heart to Divine Love and unity consciousness
✴ Remain true to yourself in all situations
✴ Tap into your personal power
✴ Identify the thoughts that promote healing
✴ Develop an open-eyed meditation practice

About Dr. Daniel CondronDanielCondron

Join Dr. Daniel Condron, an author and enlightened master teacher who, throughout this lifetime, has strived to understand the secrets of life and teach them in a way that is understandable to all.

For nearly 40 years, Dr. Daniel Condron has taught metaphysics and sharing his insights on ways to find deeper inner truth and knowing, while aiding students to receive their Doctorate of Metaphysics degree. Dr. Condron now serves as the Chancellor of the College of Metaphysics in Windyville, Missouri.

During his trips to India, Dr. Condron received the Babaji Kundalini Initiation, awakening his energy centers, and attaining higher levels of consciousness.
He has appeared on national television programs including The Today Show and has been a guest on hundreds of national and international radio programs.
Dr. Condron is the author of more than a dozen books, such as The Emptiness Sutra, Permanent Healing, Universal Healing Truths, The Tao Te Ching Interpreted and Explained, 2012 2013 and Beyond Time, and The Bhagavad Gita Interpreted and Explained.

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