“This seminar is a must for companies in the 21st century.” Health care & childcare professionals “I will be sending my entire staff to this seminar, as I see how this could impact their lives and in turn those we serve on a daily basis. ” – JPawlus, cosmetic dentist

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I recently attended the “Powers of 10” seminar in Indianapolis and I wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience. I was lucky enough to have my wife attend with me and that was an added bonus because we can use what we learned together to strengthen our relationship.
….I have been to other conferences and seminars and I was amazed by the depth of your wisdom and the dynamic way you expressed yourself. On a personal level I would and have recommended this seminar to friends that want to deepen their relationships and also to anyone on the road of self discovery.
I am a project manager for a mid-size construction company in St. Louis, Missouri and I am currently talking to management about this seminar and other workshops offered by the School of Metaphysics.
There are so many ways that this seminar is beneficial to any company wanting to boost profits and create a happier more productive work-place. The hands on activities and the interaction with other participants allow everyone to put these principals to work immediately in their lives. The activities that I participated in gave me new insight into how I fit into the company and how my relationships with other employees affected the company in positive or negative ways. This seminar is a must for companies in the 21st century.
Thank You,
Larry Hudson
Project Manager
L. Krupp Construction, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

As a Director of a Hospice, I am continuing to grow and learn everyday, just how much I impact the staff I supervise and the patients I interact with. I had a very meaningful experience at Powers of Ten. I have been validated even more, knowing that I am a vital part of this big scheme of things! I have been studying at the School of Metaphysics for over a year now, and immediately started seeing the benefits of mastering my consciousness. The Powers of Ten seem to catapult me to the next level, providing me with a determined will, confidence, and wisdom to carry to the staff at Aseracare Hospice.

This letter is to thank you for the experiences I have gained from attending the Powers of Ten Seminar in Windyville, Missouri and in Kansas City, Kansas. I did not know what to expect, initially, but my mind and heart were opened in the process. I am actively seeking ways that I can bring this seminar to the healthcare professionals in hospitals, hospices, home-health agencies, psychiatric units, and wherever else healthcare services are provided. I am forever blessed and changed from Powers of Ten!

Love and Light,
Rachel Y. Hill, RN, BSN, MSN
Director of Clinical Services
Aseracare Hospice

I attended the Powers of 10 seminar recently at the College of Metaphysics. To truly describe this experience in words is very difficult if not an impossible task. Here are a just a few reflections of my own personal experience.

At a fairly young age, I began walling myself off to others and the outside world. This isolation seemed to give me a false sense of security. I felt alone, separate, my identity confined to the physical. Even though these thoughts have been evolving over time, I still never had profound experiences with interconnectedness and oneness. I had an intellectual understanding of this, yet these beliefs could never be confused with a true knowing that I came to experience over the course of this seminar.

The understandings of our infinite nature were a very nebulous concept to me. How could one possibly put their mind around such a concept? I never really even attempted such a daunting task, as this was beyond my limited thinking. During this seminar, such limited thinking soon gave way to a more expanded view of myself and the world around me. I now have a very clear picture of our infinite nature and the interconnectedness of the world around us. The repercussions from this expanded awareness continue to affect me to this day in all aspects of my life.

I am a dentist, inventor and entrepreneur by trade. This experience has helped me recontextualize what I am doing and why I am doing it. Finding greater purpose in all that I do has led to a greater sense of fulfillment. I now see and have a true knowing of how peace and security are a result of seeing our infinite natures and connection to those around us. I will be sending my entire staff to this seminar, as I see how this could impact their lives and in turn those we serve on a daily basis. I can now see how expanding the consciousness of those around us is the greatest service that we can offer humanity. I feel blessed and forever grateful to have attended the Powers of 10 seminar and would love to see others have similar transformative experiences.

Dr. John Pawlus, Columbus Center of Cosmetic Dentistry

February 3rd 2006 was the best day ever because February 3rd was my 13th b-day and the Powers of Ten seminar in KC, MO. I had a chance to stay with the rest of my family or go to the seminar. Guess what I chose? The seminar of course.

My family thought I was going to have a horrible time because they wanted me to get the attention that I needed and to not to be alone, but I learned a lot. I learned about the cosmic egg, and how 13 = realization and how 1+3 = 4 = stability. I also learned about the Sri Yantra. I learned about breath, Self-respect, undivided attention, concentration, memory, imagination, reasoning, intuition, entrainment and of course how to take notes.

I use everything I listed above everyday. For example, with the daycare in our home I have used Undivided Attention when we are making a play, Concentration when we are doing an art project and listening when we were doing a project. But the most important thing I have learned is Love. You can never get too much love or self respect or…or too much reasoning for Pete’s Sake! [ No offense] But love is the most important thing in my life!!!!!!!!!

With all the love in my heart and soul
Cori E. Cartwright

What did Cori’s mother think about POWERS of TEN? Read below.

The Powers of Ten experience was one of a very enlightening nature. As a owner and provider of a licensed and accreditated Family Home Daycare in Southwest Missouri, I found that many of the hands-on, in depth experiences proved to extremely relevant to what I am attempting to teach the beautiful children (and their families) in our care. The Essential Life Skills of Self Respect, Concentration and Listening in particular, have proved – time and time again – to be completely invaluable to the physical, mental and emotional changes that have taken place in our day to day lives, personal and professional.

The children in my care feel my presence more because I am more present in the moment. By applying Concentration, I can continually direct my attention back to the present moment when reading a story, teaching math skills and cooking, preparing lesson plans, etc.

The benefits of attending this day-long seminar are numerous and long lasting. For all teachers considering attending, allow me to share that if you love children (and you must to teach), this experience is by far, the most rewarding “training” that I have experienced in 15 years.

Stephanie Cartwright, owner/provider Angel Babies Daycare
Springfield, Missouri
wife and mother to four awesome children

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