Our History on the Web

Since we came on the web in 1996, the School of Metaphysics has endeavored to use this expansive media to educate, illumine, and inspire. Here we share the accumulated information, knowledge, and wisdom of hundreds of people, collected since the school's incorporation in 1973. This site is designed to be an internet campus where anyone can study, learn and apply by their own choice and at their own rate of speed. Here you will find interviews with the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet and Bernie Siegel. You will learn about the Iroquois principles which helped forge the founding principles of the United States and how the unified field theory impacts your daily life. From the simple art of concentration and the science of breathing to the laws that govern creation in our universe, metaphysics is the exploration of the inner worlds existing beyond the more familiar physical one.

In 1997, a second site – dreamschool.org – is established focusing on the art and science of dream interpretation. The web gives us a true global view and has enabled us to gather dreams from all over the world. Hundreds visit dreamschool.org each month affording researchers at the College of Metaphysics a growing database for dream research and the pioneering Global Lucid Dream Experiments. Dreamschool.org is enabling us to make strides in our goal to listen to and interpret in the Universal Language of Mind a dream for every man, woman, and child on the planet.

In 2003, a third site – peacedome.org – celebrates the dedication of the Peace Dome as people on all seven continents read the Universal Peace Covenant in unison as ONE VOICE. Construction of the Peace Dome was financed completely through individual donations which remain anonymous. This is in keeping with the Peace Dome being a universal site for peace on the Earth. Following the initial inflation of the monolithic dome, volunteers came together throughout 2002-03 to complete the structure. The Peace Dome, with its energy-efficient design and architectural properties, is the first intentional building on the College of Metaphysics campus. Currently underway is the Healing Wall project, an experiment in physics and metaphysics, endeavoring to unite the planet through local, native stones and shells sent to us from people like you. Visit www.peacedome.org for the details.

In 2007, School of Metaphysics Associates (SOMA) enjoy a variety of online privileges. Associate members have access to SOM archives including dozens of online articles and books ranging from Universal Laws of creation and kundalini to interviews with people like author Bernie Siegel and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Associates receive discounts on books, tapes, Spiritual Focus Sessions, and SOM-sponsored events. To become an associate email us for details.

In the Fall of 2007, the SOM internet campus began offering the year-long SOM Correspondence Study. This progam enables anyone, anywhere on the planet to read, study, and practice the initial ten lessons in the School of Metaphysics course. Graduate teachers at the College of Metaphysics guide students through the material and disciplines which teach how to harmonize with Universal Law. This knowledge is as old as the Vedas and hierglyphics, as new as the mapping of the human genome and a dvd called "The Secret". Living in harmony with the laws that govern our universe brings personal brilliance to any endeavor while ensuring that the most people benefit. Over the course of a year, students learn the difference between concentration and meditation, the energies available to them for prosperity and for healing, and the sequence of thoughts that produce success and fulfillment. A complete online program of study exploring dreams and dreaming became available in 2008. This seven-course program includes monthly online forums open to all dreamschool members.

With over 50,000 reports given over the past forty years, we are assembling the world's largest database of intuitive knowledge for study and research. Those who receive Intuitive Reports through the School of Metaphysics become members of the Society for Intuitive Research. Members have access to the SIR gateway where dozens of intuitive reports, articles, and firsthand accounts can be researched when they include their email address with their report request. To learn more email us.

There are dozens of books, tapes, and dvds available on a wide range of topics to expand your horizons, sharpen your intelligence, ease your heart, and open your wisdom eye. Our online bookstore is open anytime of day or night.

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