Mavis Curry

mav1 200Mavis Curry says, “We all are seekers and receive assistance along our journey from many sources.”  Mavis had studied metaphysics through spiritual communities, special interest groups, new thought Leaders and literature and still found something lacking. She knew she was capable of more, both at work and in her personal life, but was not sure how to unlock it.  A near-fatal auto accident accelerated the search to find the keys to this greater potential and purpose.  At this time Mavis found the School of Metaphysics. These studies opened up for her a deeper understanding of Self and a greater capacity to experience life to its fullest. Through metaphysics Mavis has found even greater joy in exploring life’s lessons and identifying new ways to serve her family, friends, community and school.
Mavis retired early from corporate America as a business development and strategy executive for a large technology services company.  She is currently serving on the Board of Directors holding the office of  secretary.  She also serves as area director of the School of Metaphysics for the branches in Kansas City, Kasnsas and Des Moines, Iowa where she teaches applied metaphysics classes and offers lectures, workshops and classes to the public.  Her goal is to aid others to reach their full potential and model how to live a more joyful, abundant and prosperous life!

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