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Join us for an interactive webinar to talk to the author of MASTER LIVING. She will answer YOUR questions.


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Everything begins and ends with you!

  • Health

  • Prosperity

  • Success

  • Peace of Mind


Are these the result of fate?  Luck of the draw?  Hard work?  Heredity?  Other’s generosity?


Living fully can be taught and learned.  There are ten essential life skills every individual needs to know to Master Living.  These are skills every parent can model for a child.  Every employer can model for employees.  Every teacher can model for students.  Every minister can model for the congregation.  


These ten essential life skills empower the individual to experience Master Living, now.  Don’t die without living first!  Join author Barbara O’Guinn Condron as she answers your questions about Master Living.  What does one who would be a master of consciousness need to know?  Cut to the chase.  Trim the fat of google searches.  Stop roaming from one teacher or class to the next.  Turn WITHIN to ascend.  Discuss your experiences with these practices with someone who has dedicated her life to mastering consciousness, moment by moment.  


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Register now for two hours that will enable you to take a quantum leap forward in your  personal spiritual journey.  Dr. Condron will lead participants in a pranayama sequence for health, longevity, and peace of mind practiced for over 3000 years.  See you there! 




About the Author:

A true consciousness pioneer, Barbara O’Guinn Condron embodies American mysticism. Her childhood was filled with the practical spirituality of Christian faith healing that led to a lifelong passion for understanding multidimensional consciousness. A nightmare at age six began a half-century exploration into lucidity and the bardo of dreaming. By 10, she experienced the gift of Spirit known as speaking in tongues which led three decades later to her development of Taraka Yoga, sequences and patterns of thinking that entrain the mind for health and Self-realization. At 15, she could perceive the human auric field and by 24 she began reading the Akashic Field and health aura for people on six continents through her studies and work at the School of Metaphysics. At 22, she experienced what Buddha called emptiness and bliss, and her later meetings with the Dalai Lama of Tibet helped inspire her development of the Stargate Field of Consciousness model. Barbara is a pioneer in mind linguistics and founder of, a School of Metaphysics virtual campus since 1997.


Sunday, March 13, 2016

5:00pm – 7:00pm CST



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