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2606 Oakview Terrace Maplewood, MO 63143  (Map)
Phone 314-645-0036



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Phone: 314-645-0036


Nicki Koenen
Director, Maplewood School of Metaphysics

Hello! My name is Nicki Koenen and I have been a student and teacher at the School of Metaphysics since January of 2015.  During this time, I have been learning and applying the necessary tools to understand the power of the mind and create greater freedom, inner peace, and fulfillment in my life. 


In January of 2021, I became the director at the School of Metaphysics’ Maplewood Branch.  For me, Metaphysics is one of the most exciting things I can imagine teaching about because it is integrated in all of life and EVERY thing we do.  


Our school desires to support everyone we serve to realize their full potential.  Through studies at the School of Metaphysics, you can come to know yourself and your purpose in this life.  By applying skills of concentration, meditation, visualization and dream interpretation, and aligning with the Universal Laws, you will come to know your ability to heal, to become whole, and to create the life you desire for yourself. 


We invite you to join us for an event, workshop, or one of our course offerings.  We look forward to meeting you! 





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