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Phone: 314-645-0036


TerrenceLaMont Bellows


I am someone who loves to explore the unknown, revealing the hidden truths of reality. In my life as an entrepreneur and businessman the school provides that deeper meaning to my life’s path. I have a passion for inspiring others and creating positive change in the world. I have expanded my understanding beyond book knowldege by focusing my attention within with security and faith and continue to seek greater balance in my self. 
The exercises and extended experiences of concentration, meditation and visualization offered at the school are a bedrock for my evolution. I have gained greater understanding of peace and living peacably. I love exploring nature and creating avenues to cause my dreams to become my reality. 
If you want to deepen your understanding of love and experience new cultures and perspectives, being a student in SOM could be a great choice for you.
Let’s make the world a better, more peaceful place for all her inhabitants!
I have been studying and teaching in the school since 2008 and attribute my unique perspective in life to being a disciplined student in the School of Metaphysics curriculum. I look forward to meeting you. 





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