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Jessica J. Leathers


I began my journey in the School of Metaphysics in September 2015. I was looking to learn about meditation and learn other tools that would help me manage my stress. What I found was that and so much more. By January 2016, my boyfriend at the time, and now fiancé, joined the school as well. I completed the 1st Cycle of lessons in December 2016 and received my Responderes and am currently studying in the 2nd Cycle of lessons. The growth and improvement that I’ve observed in my self has been amazing and I desire to expand more. My fiancé also completed the 1st Cycle and received his Responderes. The two of us growing and evolving individually and together has strengthened our relationship. I have been teaching in the School of Metaphysics since May 2017. I became the Director of the Maplewood, MO school branch in December 2018.

I graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a bachelors in Biochemistry and a bachelors in Molecular Biology.  I have been working as a chemist in St. Louis at MilliporeSigma (Sigma-Aldrich) for six years. My work environment is one place that I use as a playground to learn and grow by applying what I am learning and by experimenting with what I’m learning, since that is what I to do on a daily basis.

There are many wonderful learning opportunities as a teacher, director, and in all other aspects of my life. These opportunities help me to learn more about leadership, concentration, being in the present moment, listening, communication, expanding consciousness, neutrality, self-love, and so much more.




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