What’s it like to live in Harmony with Universal Truth?


How can that mountain
be larger than me?
From here, I can fit it
between my thumb and forefinger.
Paul Madar



What’s it like to live in Harmony with Universal Truth?
by Mari Hammersly

At times we come upon something that affects our consciousness to such a degree that we begin to be different. I remember several years ago “discovering” a universal truth that has changed my outlook on life so that I am a different person now than I was then. The discovery wasn’t in that I invented it. All the universal truths have been there since the beginning of existence as we know it. Rather the discovery was the point when I received this truth into myself and began to make it part of my thinking. That simple but powerful truth that affected me so much is “This too shall pass.”

The universal truths apply to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. They explain universal laws, the structure created by our Creator to aid in humankind’s evolution. When we are working in harmony with Universal Truth and Law, our lives are increasingly in harmony, because they are in alignment with the natural order of growth. Conversely, when our thinking is out of harmony with these truths and laws, we find ourselves and our lives out of kilter, frustrating, and just not “right”. To be able to progress in life, it is best to learn what these universal laws and truths are. You have most likely done some discovering of these yourself. Perhaps you’ve read or heard a statement and said “Aha!” or “That’s Truth”. These universals can be found in the Holy Scriptures of the world’s religions, yet they are also evident and there for the seeing, throughout our daily existence as well.

This is what I experienced as I read one of the lessons I had received as a new student taking classes at the School of Metaphysics. I have heard this truth before, in the Bible or in something inspirational that I had read, but this time as I read the words, that all our troubles were temporary and would pass, the meaning was so much more significant to me. The truth of it filled my whole being and affected every part of me that moment.

The lesson said that to grow into a deeper reality and move beyond limitations, I needed to realize that all things in the physical are temporary and all troubling situations would pass, if I would let them. At that time in my life I was having some difficulties, and this gave me hope that I could somehow have the peace I had desired. Yet it would take my willingness to let these troubling unresolved concerns pass.

Prior to this point in my life, I had approached difficulties by trying to figure them out. I believed that if I thought about them more, I’d find the answers I needed. But after spending much much time thinking about it, I found that it didn’t really work. Actually it had only made me more engrossed in the very problems I was trying so hard to resolve. But when I began to employ this new, better way of thinking of letting things pass, I found resolution. It asked that I surrender the issue to a higher source, a giving up in order to be able to move forward and away from it. I’d need to let it pass away or die, which means I needed to change my view of the concern to moving my attention off it and onto something more productive.

This was new for me, yet the truth of it stayed with me and I practiced letting it go by moving my attention. In living this truth, I learned how attached I had been to certain thoughts and how I had clung to them. I vividly recall that before I had begun to study metaphysics, I once carried a silent grudge for months. A coworker in the next classroom at the education center where I worked was, as I saw it, demanding, assertive, bossy and more forceful than I was comfortable with. Several times a day I got all riled up at the kind of person she was and reacted angrily with thoughts of “How can she be like this?” and “I would never be like that” and “She really pushes her weight around.”  I hung on to this blame even though the problem wasn’t her. She was just being the kind of person she chose to be. The problem originated in my own pattern of thinking. These thoughts were the cause of the difficulty and having them so forcefully and repeatedly, I was literally making myself sick. Those were many difficult months. Then when I became so busy at my work as an English teacher as a flood of refugees were coming into our state, I was able to let it pass. I had to focus my thoughts on what I wanted and needed to give.

In the re-placement of my attention, I was able to let the troubles pass. Something greater came along, something I wanted to devote my attention to. In this way, I gave it up for the greater good. This is how anyone will be able to move into the use of the truth, “This too shall pass.” It is a matter of choosing to determine what is the most important place in your life to direct your attention toward. This takes self awareness and self examination and choices.

As I began to digest and use this truth, which is what living metaphysics is all about, living more by universal laws and truths than by physical concerns, it became a part of my usual practice and it became the way I chose to live.

This has taken a while to change, but each time I have chosen to leave blame, discord, limitation and obsession behind, I noticed that I was developing a greater faith. This was a greater faith in myself and in people and in God and in all the higher powers that were “out there” and “in here” helping me to put things into proper perspective. I began to see that when I let things pass, they would. The surrendering enabled newness to enter–new thoughts and new situations and new peace of mind.

To some this may seem passive. After all, on the surface it contradicts an attitude so prevalent in western society of “You gotta make things happen if you wanna get ahead.” After all, you just can’t give it all up and do nothing. That’s not responsible. Yet actually I found myself increasingly able to respond. I was becoming responsible in a new way. I was more in control of my thoughts because I lived a greater freedom knowing the truth, and I could receive help from above if I would surrender and let a problem pass on to its proper place, to a higher realm of consciousness.

As a result, I discovered that my relationships were improving now that I didn’t burden them by filling my mind with the frequent barrage of problems. What is in our thinking and in our heart and in our realm of understanding is what we give to others. After all, how can anything good come from expectations of the worst?

The relationships with others were changing, but also I found that my relationship with myself was changing, as well. I liked myself more and came to a new acceptance of the worth of who I was. I was no longer my problems. In this I could accept others as beings of worth and value.

The greatest enrichment was that I developed a deeper relationship with God. As I focused more on what is lasting and permanent and heavenly and gave my attention to God, I looked at each day as an opportunity to live, create and know God more fully. This is a proper perspective of life.

I have learned so much from this truth. I learned what is temporary and what is permanent. I learned that anger, jealousy, frustration, and disappointment can pass, but that love remains and grows. I learned that any human reaction can be elevated to a higher level of understanding by letting the painful thoughts pass away, replacing it with a new one of desire, love. This movement of energies is the natural order of life.

When my grandmother lay dying in a nursing home after a two-year decline from the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, I was able to accept her change, her death, and thought, “This too shall pass”. At the time, I sent her thoughts of love and acceptance. And an hour later she died. Her body had passed, but she is with me every day of my life. Her presence is there and not only in my memory. The being that she is, her I Am, is ever present for me each time I think about her, and I know the truth of her being alive. It is so good that she no longer needs to live in the physical and mental pain that was the created disease of painful thoughts repeated over years. This too shall pass.

Having lived this universal truth, I can now imagine what it would be like if everyone on Earth would live it too. There could be the peace that we have so long desired if individuals and governments would realize that the difficulties will pass and the common heritage of being human under the same Creator could unite us. The species of the planet could live together for the good of all concerned. We would be able to see things in proper perspective. And the faith that this truth has enabled me to know could enable all of humanity to more easily move into the next stage of evolution, becoming Spiritual, Intuitive Man.
Learning to be creators with the Creator is the aim and purpose of life. As we live this truth and other universal truths, I know that the path toward this will be more easily within our reach today and every day. This is the proper perspective of the eternal life.•

Mari Hamersley has been living and teaching the Universal Laws and Truths for over a decade. She teaches and directs a SOM in Des Moines, Iowa.

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