The Law of Attraction

by Terryll Nemeth

The Law of Attraction can be described as the construction or procedure of an energy force acting mutually between particles of matter, between people, and between circumstances, tending to draw them together, and resisting their separation. Attraction is the magnetic relationship existing between things or persons that are drawn together. We will explore the essence of the Universal Law of Attraction.

In this study, we will explore the fact that the Law of Attraction is set into motion by a need or that which an individual, a community or a country needs to learn to be fulfilled. We will explore the fact that the Law of Attraction is based upon the mind of man, which is a vehicle that the soul uses like the body to aid us toward compatibility with our Creator. The magnetism of the Law of Attraction is displayed throughout creation. When man thinks of himself as only a physical being, identifying with only with the physical level of consciousness, he will experience the effects of magnetism in his life without understanding the cause.

Note the Law of Attraction at work in this experience as told by Mother Teresa.

"One day in Calcutta a man came with a prescription and said, 'My only child is dying and this medicine can be brought only from outside of India.' Just at that time, while we were still talking, a man came with a basket of medicine. Right on the top of that basket, there was this medicine. If it had been inside, I would not have seen it. If he had come before, or if he had come afterward, I could not have seen it. But just at the time, out of millions and millions of children in the world, God in his tenderness was concerned with this little child of the slums of Calcutta enough to send, just at that time, that amount of medicine to save that child. I praise the tenderness and the love of God, because every little one, in a poor family or a rich family, is a child of God, created by the Creator of all things."

The challenge for all of mankind is to identify with the true Self, the I Am, our inner divinity. As this is achieved, we are to consciously use the magnetic force in all of our creations, based upon our understanding of cause and effect and the Law of Believing and Knowing. Creation itself is produced and made up of the aggressive and receptive principles. This principle is also called the Yin and Yang in many cultures of the Far East.

In order for any creation to occur, there always has to be an aggressive act such as the producing of a thought in the form of a goal for example, followed by the receptive act of receiving the image within the subconscious mind where it can begin to mature. Because creation itself and everything made in the universe is based upon the attractive force between opposites in polarity, we can begin to understand our interconnectedness with all of creation, humanity, and the Creator. We can also understand the true meaning of love through understanding the Creator and our own divinity. When we have awareness of how the mind works and we are identifying as the creators we are truly are at the core of our being, our creative energy can be consciously used in the creation of thoughts that attract those of like as well as opposite polarity. This occurs because in the end with expanded consciousness, we come to understand that the polarities of creation are transcended.

As we come to understand our divine nature that is like our creators, we perceive that opposites of polarity are only degrees of the one creation. So giving and receiving, for example, which are expressions of love are one and the same quality of creative energy. Therefore, we draw to us that which is needed for our learning, which may be perceived by those around us as good or bad. The truth of the matter is that with the Universal Law of Attraction, everything is significant and good or just because we as soul and spirit can use the experience to build permanent understandings which will ultimately lead us to compatibility with our creator. As we continue to develop our understanding and awareness of our attributes as a creator and our origin, we come to an awareness of interconnectedness with our creator and all of our creator's creations.

All of humanity is connected. Humanity is comprised of the animals, the plants and trees, man, and all aspects of creation. The word man is derived from the Sanskrit word manu, which means thinker. So when referring to man, we are talking about the thinker, us as creative intelligence and spirit. At present, the modern view points and lifestyles of many in our physical world are oblivious to the connectedness of all beings in the universe. At the inner core of man's being, we are all joined by our true essence, light and love.

Many of our world's religions' holy books and many cultures' creation myths describe how humanity was created. In fact, all of the world's holy books are indeed, books that describe creation at its essence and instruct us in our quest to harmonize with Mother Nature and the Universal Laws.

The Law of Attraction is a primary tool that enables us to use our physical experiences to build permanent soul understandings that will always be with us. The Law of Attraction guarantees that all of the conditions, situations and circumstances we need for our learning and growth will be drawn to us by virtue of the oneness of creation and universal energy. When coincidence occurs as our western society seems to define it, such as two or more seemingly miraculous events taking place simultaneously, you can bet it is the Law of Attraction at work.

The Law of Attraction is the principle of an energy force acting mutually between particles of matter, between people, between circumstances, and between thoughts, tending to draw them together, and resisting their separation. Attraction itself is the magnetic relationship existing between things or persons that are drawn together. How does it work? First of all, a seed idea must be created by using the aggressive action of the mind, creating a clear, complete and detailed thought form. With the continued use of undivided attention and concentration, the clear and detailed thought form is then given to subconscious mind to nurture and develop. The transfer of the seed idea from the conscious to the subconscious mind is completed when the conscious attention is removed from it.

Now the seed idea can begin to grow within subconscious mind. We help the idea to blossom by combining it with physical activity that is in alignment with our desired outcome. We then love our seed idea into maturity by giving it our mental attention by seeing it growing through the influence of every endeavor and experience in our daily lives. As the thought form from our seed idea grows, it attracts to it other thoughts and minds with compatible ideals.

All minds are connected through a part of mind called Universal Mind. Therefore, our thought wave energy reaches throughout the universe. The Law of Attraction is sometimes called the Law of Compatibility because the attraction is based upon compatible desires and needs. When we create a visualized thought form, which reaches out into universal mind, other people are also forming similar thought forms, which are compatible to ours. Through the magnetic principle of attraction of the subconscious mind, these compatible desires and needs meet. We are drawn into each other's creations through compatible (like) desires and needs. This "like attracts like" action is an expression of the Law of Attraction.

The creator of the Win-Win Forum, a business networking and educational group for professionals and business owners in Denver, understands the value of the Law of Attraction. She was concerned about how some people in business had a misunderstanding of how the universal energies work. She knew that some business people engaged in unethical practices, high-handed tactics, or carried great anxiety because they held the fear belief that there is only so much abundance to go around in the world. She knew this was not true, and decided to do what she could to educate business people so they would learn how to work in harmony with the Universal Laws of Creation, rather than running their business dealings with fear and a false sense of being separate from other people.

The truth is that the abundance of the universe is unlimited. There is enough to go around, and this is evidenced in how the Law of Attraction works. The group's name reflects the fact that the Law of Attraction works with compatible ideals and goals. For example, what happens when a businessman decides he is going to sell 15 computers in a week, and he sets a goal to do so? Because we are all connected and have an energy field that influences other energy fields, the business manís mind begins to reach out with his mental broadcast to other individuals with compatible ideals. In the case of our chosen example, the compatible ideal is that these other individuals are looking for, have a need, and they are ready to purchase a computer. If the businessman's thought form image of his goal is strong and complete, these individuals will be drawn to his store. The point is that through the attraction of compatible ideals, everyone wins. The action of the Law of Attraction generates a win-win situation. Hence, the name of the group embodies the educational legacy of its founder's understanding of Universal Law.

The business world in Denver, Colorado is now in closer harmony with all of creation, the universe, and the Creator because many individuals through the vehicle of the Win-Win Forum have been educated in regards to many aspects of the Law of Attraction. One of my teachers, Dr. Laurel Fuller Clark has often given the following story as an example of the Law of Attraction. This rendition of the story is from her book, Shaping Your Life: The Power of Creative Imagery.

"I heard a minister named John relate a story describing his faith in divine providence, a true tale which illustrates the action of universal law. John had recently moved from a city to a rural area with his family. A hardworking man, he had not yet obtained a full time job to support his family although he willingly accepted any work which was available.
One evening as dinnertime approached, John knew that there was no food to feed his family, but he instructed his daughter to set the table nonetheless. John believed that his efforts would pay off in some way at some time, he knew that he was a good person, and he knew that his family was worthy of being fed. He had had seemingly miraculous events occur at other times in his life and he trusted that the universe would not let his family go hungry. The family gathered together around the table and John led them in prayer. As they sat holding hands, there was a knock at the door. John finished the prayer and answered the door. There stood his landlord with two grocery sacks in his arms. The landlord was a gruff man who usually said very little and rarely smiled.

John greeted him, and the landlord said, 'Our garden is producing so many vegetables, my wife and I can't keep up. I hate waste, so I was wondering if you would use any of these things. Oh, and we just butchered a steer and there are certain cuts my kids won't eat, so if you think yours would eat them, you can have these, too.'
John smiled gratefully and thanked his landlord, assuring him that the food would be put to good use."

As Dr. Clark indicates in her book, this story demonstrates the action of compatible desires. It illustrates John's desire to feed his family, and his landlord's desire for the food to be used productively. The true meaning of coincidence is just that co-incidence: two or more events that happen at relatively the same moment in time, two events that coincide. This stated, Dr. Clark points out an important point that can be easily overlooked. She states that in order for the Law of Attraction to work, both of the coinciding thought forms must be clear and concise. If either of the gentlemen in the above example would have given in to doubt or become passive in acting on their believe and desire, the compatible thought forms would not have been strong enough to manifest in physical action. And without physical activity directed toward manifesting the goal, there is no physical movement of energy which is needed for the attraction of compatible desires to come together in manifested physical form.

Mental doubt is like a poison to us when it comes to activating the Universal Law of Attraction in our lives. In other words, the desire we create in our minds must be strong and clear enough for us to then create a strong expectation that our desire will happen. Then the strong expectation will stimulate us to respond with the needed physical activity to manifest the goal, activating the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is fun to use consciously. Its conscious use fosters the thrill of discovery and learning within each of us. In order to activate the Law of Attraction, we must build an expectation within us and then expectantly look to receive its action within our lives. As a teacher, I use it every time the phone rings by thinking, "This is a student calling who will be attending our next class".

I have found that you can stimulate the Law of Attraction by creating "What if" thoughts. This can be the beginning of creating what has been termed by some as Possibility Thinking. The important point here is to train your thinking so that instead of wondering if your desire will happen, look for when and where the signs of your desire manifesting are occurring. Realize that 'Possibility Thinking' is opening your mind to receive the bounty of the universe in the manifestation of your desire, it is causing your mind to be receptive. And receptivity is key in activating the Law of Attraction as you can see by the above examples. Once the mind is receptive, it expects to receive its desires or manifested thought forms; it is expectant. Thus, as demonstrated in our story above, expectation within the mind is a powerful fertilizer in order for the mind to cultivate its thought forms into manifestation using the Law of Attraction.

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