Love and Magnetism

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Love & Magnetism

by Terryll Nemeth

Love is the most attractive force in the universe. Love is the magnetic force that attracts and reproduces life, and the ‘glue’ that holds together friends, couples, families, communities, nations and humanity. Love is the great magnetic force that unites all things. It is the foundation that brings all things together. And it is the foundation of the Law of Attraction.

The attractive principle of Love corresponds to magnetism. Magnetism is a force of attraction or repulsion due to an arrangement of electrons. Unlike poles (+)(-) attract each other, while like poles ((+)(+) or (-)(-)) repel each other.

In 1821 Hans Christian Oersted of Denmark unexpectedly discovered that an electric current caused a compass needle to move. Thus, an electric current produced a magnetic force. An electric current is the movement of electrons flowing from a higher potential to a lower potential in a medium such as a copper wire. A battery has two opposite poles. Each pole is called an electrode. A cathode (negative pole) is an electrode that has excess electrons. An anode (positive pole) is an electrode that is deficient in electrons. In an electric circuit, a battery is like a pump that forces electrons through a conductor.

Andre-Marie Ampere of France found that there is a second kind of force. He found that there is also the attraction and repulsion between parallel electric currents. Electric current and charge are related. In our parallel wire experiment, if we base the unit of current on the unit of charge, we can say that a unit of  current is such that one unit of charge passes each second through any cross section of the wire. And if meters and seconds are used in all definitions, the ratio of the two units of electricity, charge and current, turns out to be the same number as the speed of light, 300,000,000 meters per second.

Michael Faraday created the magnetic field concept, which states that space in which magnetic forces are observed undergoes a change, the nature of that space is modified. He discovered this by viewing the space around a magnet, and noting that it was filled with field lines. Faraday also proved that a magnetic field which, varied in time, which can be produced by an alternating current (AC), could produce electric currents if copper wires were placed in coils. They produce magnetic induction. Electric transformers work on this principle. So we now know that magnetic fields can produce electric currents, and that electric currents produce magnetic fields.

James Clerk Maxwell of Scotland discovered that it was possible for space to support a wave motion alternating between the two. For example:

Magnetic field –> Electric current –> Magnetic field –> Electric current


There were no copper wires in space to support an electric current, but Maxwell proposed that an electric current could travel through space only for very fast oscillations. With a displacement current term added to the equations of electricity and magnetism, a wave which propagated at the speed of light could exist. Maxwell then proposed that this electromagnetic wave was light itself. Therefore, light is an electromagnetic wave. This was not a total surprise as the velocity of light had appeared unexpectedly in equations of electricity and magnetism, and further studies confirmed it.

Today we recognize a variety of waves as electromagnetic waves: Radio (very long waves, relatively low frequency), microwaves, infra-red, visible light, ultra-violet, x-rays and gamma rays (very short waves, extremely high frequency) Light is an electromagnetic wave, and we know from our discussion on the Law of Cause and Effect that the first creation of the Creator was LIGHT. The creator then created individualized units of LIGHT that we call I AM. This individualized unit of LIGHT (I AM) is at the essence of our being.

From the Bible, we discover that I AM is what Moses perceived in the burning bush. Moses was told to tell Pharaoh to let my people go. When Moses asked, “Who shall I say sent me?” he was told to say, “Tell him I AM that I AM”(Bible, Exodus 2). LIGHT is the awareness of the creator, and since LIGHT is of the Creator, LIGHT is beyond time and space as the Creator is. This is symbolized on the Mind Triangle diagram because LIGHT and the I AM are depicted beyond the vehicle of mind, which is bound by time and space. Now we can see that at our essence is the magnetic attraction of love, LIGHT beyond time and space, and the aggressive and receptive aspects of the Creator.

From our illustrations, hypotheses, and research can be seen that all Universal Laws converge, that to explain the working of one law we must depend on the workings of others. We have also shown that there is an interconnectedness of all of creation which can be seen through the building blocks of creation, force field theory and the interconnectedness of the workings of the Universal Laws. I believe Albert Einstein had an understanding of the interconnectedness of creation when he proposed the idea of a Unified Field Theory.

Dr. Daniel Condron, my teacher and the author of Superconscious Meditation, also believes this to be the case: I AM is an individualized unit of light existing beyond time and space. Albert Einstein reached to understand this area beyond time and space in his General Theory of Relativity in which he produced the formula Space x time = matter x energy, and later when he attempted the Grand Unification Theory or Theory of Everything.

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