by Jay McCormick

Science and Religion

In many ways, belief has been relegated to the realm of religion, to be discussed by priests and pseudo-priests called philosophers, who attempt to describe the meaning and nature of existence in terms devoid of a creative impulse.

It is also the realm where for the non-believer great uncertainty lay, but for the believer true salvation. It is for the Christian a belief in heaven and hell, to the American Indian the 'happy hunting ground' and a thousand other things to a thousand other belief systems. Belief and religion have indeed gone hand in hand for hundreds of years. The faith upheld their beliefs, and only until having an actual out-of-body experience or inner-level experience or actually withdrawing from the physical would any of these people come to know what is truth for themselves.

Knowing has been the domain of science. Empirical evidence. Sure knowing based on a five sensory experience. Something that can be quantitatively measured or tangibly experienced. Science is ultimately a process, a means of discerning truth. The reality is that you must have a science to your belief.

A good example of this can be described in what Albert Einstein was quoted as being the 'happiest thought of his life'. In 1907, when he discovered the principle of equivalence, which implied that all entities would move in the same way in a gravitational field, this meant that gravity was an effect of space-time itself; in other words, physics could be turned into geometry. This led him to search for a comprehensive equation that describes matter. Years later he produced e=mc2 – the theory of general relativity. Believing so strongly in his theory, he predicted the motion of the planet Mercury that precisely explained a discrepancy in relation to Newton's theory that had baffled astronomers for more than sixty years. He now knew, that his theory was correct after observing the movement of a celestial body based on his scientific process. He is a great visionary because he used both believing and knowing, science, to discover truth. The truth he brought in this case was of a nature of physics, but how he used his mind to arrive at those conclusions was metaphysical and enlightened.

Manifesting is beyond magic

Manifesting is beyond magic. Magic means mysterious or unknown. A magician does things that amaze the audience, they perform illusions that seem to defy logic and common sense. They accomplish this using means we do not understand, that lie just beyond the veil of our conscious understanding. The truth about how it is accomplished is kept secret from us, forever unknown and unknowable. We are dependent upon that magician for whatever they may provide, for we are incapable of reproducing it on our own. Quite accurately, we don't believe we can.

It is this very lack of ability to reproduce something on our own that is a source of insecurity, and as discussed earlier the clear knowledge of how to in fact duplicate a success with something is on the contrary a source of continued security and building on to a knowledge base, building into an authority or knowledge of that subject. It is interesting that the word knowledge contains the word know! This means we have had experience, we have had whole experience with our sense and therefore we have authority. If you have manifested the ability to ride a bicycle, it can be said that you have developed authority with that skill. You are in knowing with that skill. No one can 'argue you out of that':  you will just go and show them that they are incorrect and that get on the bike and ride it. Then they will know that in fact you DO know how to ride a bicycle.

This underscores the importance of the personal inventory discussed earlier, because the more honest you are with the great skills, talents, and qualities you possess you will be more able to fully own your own authority and claim the truth of who you are, honestly.

Thinking a condition in your life was created by unknown, unknowable forces reflects a lack of knowledge within ourselves of how it came about. This only reflects a lack of understanding of the cause of what brought a creation into your life. Perhaps it reflects a need for deeper thinking on your part. There are many reasons conditions manifest in your life, ways that you are not consciously aware of. Some things, like the way your parents are, you chose as a soul incarnating at birth and as such represent karmic or soul-level lessons you need to learn. Also which you brought about as a soul. No, not by conscious mind choice, but certainly by conscious choice.


A vast majority of manifested objects, conditions and people attracted to you in your life are done so by your thoughts of yesterday. By knowing that belief comes before knowing, you now realize that the absence or presence of a desired manifestation is due to your lack of strength or belief. Belief is mental. It starts with thought and ends with manifestation.

Some people say about others who have manifested great wealth or fortune in their life that they are "lucky" or "blessed" in some particular way. Many people look upon a successful business person as having the "right stuff" or a very spiritual, calm person always having a life and attitude that things are going to work out for the best or that things – situations and circumstances – will turn in their favor. These people, perhaps you are one of them, learn from their life experiences, reinforcing the belief that life is a positive experience filled with one situation after another from which to profit mentally, emotionally, and physical. These positive people will tend to act in ways that are positive to prove their belief about themselves correct. For them, their momentum is established, and it is actually easier for them to remain positive than to stop and be negative. For one who is negative, the inertia becomes difficult to overcome and weighs upon them like a ball and chain. It is better to continue in motion of some kind, at all times.

Many times those individuals, and I include myself among them, have and display a great confidence or strength in their ability to create what they desire in their life. With such confidence, they gain the perspective of a prophet or one who knows what will manifest and occur in the future. What the future is going to be moves according to the choices of the present.

In manifesting any noble quality, it comes in a manner of degrees. How easily or how difficult a change is for an individual, depends largely upon their willingness to accept new beliefs into himself. Stubbornness is an enemy to growth, for it blocks the would-be new thought form from ever taking root. As mentioned earlier, you must reach a critical clarification point in your mental image sufficient to lock-in on your 'belief' – at that moment it becomes alive to you, it becomes something that you are in the process of creating. It is the time to still all doubts and fears.

It is time to manifest, bit by bit into your life the desired quality so that you may cause the growth and transformation you desire in a certain area. If you have low self-worth and desire a greater degree of self-worth then manifest a small degree of self-worth within yourself by mopping the floor and giving yourself credit for how valuable you are that now everybody that is going to walk on that floor will get to receive a clean room to be in. Start simple and work you way up to larger manifestations.

All manifested changes in consciousness occur in steps. These represent your growing authority and knowing quality, your growing mastery with the qualities you desire to create. Be attracted to and love the changes you desire to manifest. Fall in love with the image of the new you so that you can literally love it into existence.

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