What is a Psiologist, and when do you need one?

What is a psiologist? Psi counseling training

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What is a Psiologist,
and when do you need one?

Psychology strives to identify and better mental health while technology tackles physical health. Their marriage in the past quarter century has produced a dangerous tendency to label behavior and medicate the body without ever investigating and understanding the cause for the disorder. 


Psiology is the evolutionary development that seeks to heal by bringing about wholeness. Psiologists know that order is essential for life to thrive, and when all parts of Self are in harmonious motion it is like a melodious symphony, a garden of Eden. Understand what creates the symphony and the garden, and you understand the source of life.

The realm of the psiologist transcends that of physical practitioners. The psiologist explores the levels of consciousness available to mankind, noting behavior and body health as the final expression of energies. S/he acknowledges the separation between the mind and the body. The Self exists before the birth of the body, and will continue to exist after it is shed. Thus the identity and the intelligence it wields transcend the brain, a thought new in most academic and professional circles.

Psiologists investigate the realities beyond our physical world. The energies, intelligences, patterns, life forms, that would lead a psychiatrist to prescribe a drug to alter body chemistry, leads the psiologist to seek the understanding that will bring about permanent healing. Thus the psiologist looks beyond the behavior and emotional reactions to identify the point of origin for the question, or problem, at hand.

Psiologists are spiritual advisors, intuitive counselors, philosophical reasoners, and meta-physicians integrated into one. Psiologists know that thought is cause and the physical – be it your own physical body or the conditions in your life, a greater body – is its manifest likeness. They draw upon their own mental skills, utilizing reasoning and intuition, to aid others to more fully use the potential that exists within them. The person who seeks a psiologist’s counsel is one who seeks self awareness. They seek to understand themselves and the world around them. They “see” more than the average, and so they want to know more.

An intuitive counselor, your psiologist draws upon his knowledge of subconscious mind to help you understand time management on your soul’s terms, rather than a function of the ticking of the clock in our physical world. Intuitive knowledge makes him keenly aware of the harmonizing principles that foster long-lasting committed relationships with others while bringing about inner union with the soul mate. Some counselors specialize in past life regression and all are adept at utilizing Past Life Profiles as a tool for soul progression.

His developed skills enable him to perceive in ways innovative and insightful. An interpreter of dreams, your psiologist will do more than tell you their meaning. He will tutor you in how to remember, acknowledge, understand, and use your dreamstates for self-knowledge and growth. In many ways the person seeking a psiologist is an adventurer, eager to learn beyond the common, and for this reason we call those we serve students, rather than clients or patients.

Your psiologist is a philosophical reasoner. She can as easily help you to develop your memory recall to resolve and release old memories that may be haunting you. Assisting in the elucidation of your thoughts, she artfully guides you to see them in new and creative ways giving new perspective to your life while shining light on areas that seemed unsolvable. A psiologist knows how creation occurs and can help you utilize the laws of creation, eliminating “blocks” and freeing you from depressing patterns self-destruction.

A meta-physician who has studied, taught, and trained for many years, your psiologist is a master of energies.From the most powerful mental energy available to man (kundalini) to the physical expression of value (money) to the origin of energy itself (breath), a psiologist will balance your energies while teaching you how to direct them for the purposes you desire.

Your psiologist is familiar with many forms of healing, from therapeutic universal pulse to intuitive projection of energies. He may stimulate the transformation of energies in a sluggish chakra or guide you through breathing patterns that cleanse mind and body. Skilled in health analysis, your psiologist has access to a vast body of intuitive knowledge

From emotional catharsis to religious states of ectasy, expressions of energy bring about powerful healings of the spirit and the body. Just knowing someone who is knowledgeable is nearby to assist and guide you through your experience is an incredible relief that releases stagnant energy thus accelerating your resolve.

Psiologists are also spiritual advisors. Psiologists help you to understand the nature of thinking, your capacity to direct your thoughts, your potential for genius, and the reality of mystical experience. When you talk about hearing voices in your head to a psiologist, you both become pioneers, charting spaces where you no longer must travel alone.

A daily meditator herself, your psiologist is well equipped to guide you through progressive meditative states. Relaxing your body with breath and calming your mind with thought bring benefits that reflect in all areas of your life.

Developing conscious relationships is essential for your well-being. Seeing your own evolution as a series of conscious choices frees you to live more fully, every moment. A psiologist can show you how.

Psiologists have completed the Third Cycle in the School of Metaphysics course in Mastering Consciousness including at least one year of full-time study at the College of Metaphysics. Certification follows a year’s apprenticeship with a spiritual counselor who holds a Doctorate in Metaphysics.

copyright 1994, rev. 2002, School of Metaphysics

The skier knows
Every leaf falling knows
The wind is
Every atom of creation is pulsing
with the knowing of it.
And I am beginning to know it
I was created from love
As was the entire Universe

And when I can live in that knowledge
Every second of every day
I will be one with all
And complete unto myself

Shawn Stoner









































copyright 2002 School of Metaphysics



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