We’re all in this together by Dr. Daniel Condron

We’re all in this together…group consciousness and meditation



We’re all in this together

by Dr. Daniel Condron

Group Consciousness and Meditation

Each person needs to cause there to be heaven on earth. To accomplish this you must create or make your conscious mind be productive as is your subconscious mind. The Subconscious Mind knows only forward motion, learning, and growth. Your subconscious mind desires growth filled understandings to be built by your conscious mind so they can be stored as permanent memory in subconscious mind.

In Subconscious Mind all minds are connected. The telephone, its use and function serve as an analogy to the interconnectedness experienced in Subconscious Mind. By using the telephone you have quick access to other people hundreds or thousands of miles away. Through the use of Subconscious or Universal Mind one’s own subconscious mind can communicate with another person even though they are physically separated by great distances. What is required to send a message is a clear and specific mental image plus will power. What is required to receive the image is a still and quiet mind and receptivity. This is a kind of group consciousness, a universal interconnectedness with the opportunity and possibility of clear and open communication without the limitation of distance or space.

In Superconscious Mind, group consciousness is carried or advanced one step farther. In Superconscious Mind it is as if there is little or no distance between individuals. Both distance and time as measured physically have little relevance. For time is measured mentally and there is no separation by distance. When the distance is removed we have Oneness. Therefore, in Superconscious Mind you experience Oneness. Oneness is group consciousness carried or evolved to its fulfillment.


Communication, Contact, and Interconnectednes within the three Divisions of Mind by individual Souls or Beings

No distance because there is no Superconscious separation.
Oneness, togetherness
You are part of everything and
everything is a part of you.
Everything you think, do and say
affects everything else instantly and you know this

Instant communication because
of interconnecting minds.
Ability to go beyond the
limitations of the five

illusion of separateness.

When group consciousness is achieved there is no war, discord, or disharmony. When group consciousness exists there is a common Ideal and a common Purpose. Therefore, all are working together, and in harmony for the common good.

In meditation as you go deeper and deeper into Mind you will experience first an interconnectedness with all creation. As you gain depth in these meditations, this interconnectedness will blend into a Oneness, an experience of non-separation with all of creation including everyone and everything in creation. Then you will experience oneness with the Eternal Creator.

Since you would never harm yourself, you would not harm anyone else as all and everything is a part of the Eternal’s Creation. You desire to be a co-creator, a helpmate to the Eternal. Your whole countenance is full of productive creation and you desire for all to evolve rapidly.

Your thoughts transcend thinking only of your self and your selfish desires. Instead your consciousness expands to all of creation and helping all of mankind to evolve quickly to know the Supreme, the Eternal. No longer are you alone. No longer are you separate and disconnected from humanity and life. No longer do you feel cut off from others or cut off from life. No longer do you feel there is a wall between you and others. Since you are one with and communicate with all of creation you are able to create much more capably and expansively. In fact, you are a creator. The only thing that impedes your ability to cause creation to quicken, which is the highest form of creativity, is other people’s free will and refusal to exercise the imagination.

Jesus (Joshua, Jesuhua) of Nazareth who became the Christ (messiah) savior-enlightened, and Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha who accomplished the enlightenment, also gave to the world their wisdom and understanding of how to cause rapid spiritual transformation and soul growth. However, millions of people have ignored or avoided these truths for thousands of years. Instead, they opt for entrapment in limited physical existence.

As you meditate this will change for you. Your consciousness will expand to fill all mind and you will know that every person is intimately connected with you. They are your spiritual brothers and sisters and it is your duty to help them find their way and earn their way to their spiritual home and spiritual family of Intuitive Man.

Meditation builds oneness and a knowing of oneness.

Physical thinking deludes one into thinking he or she is separate and therefore alone.

The expansive consciousness that creates the joy of oneness produces fulfillment in the life as well as purpose and meaning to the life.

Physical thinking leads to being possessed by the possessions you seek to accumulate. Physical thinking leads to a starving of the inner Self and a gnawing feeling that there is always something missing in life.

In expansive and deep meditation the impetus is the awareness of group consciousness is created. Then one is free and able to create.

It is important and necessary for soul growth that you create group consciousness in the outer physical world with many other people. By so doing you are causing the physical environment and your life to move into alignment with the inner life of Subconscious and Superconscious mind. In this way you bring about Heaven on Earth.

To develop, create, and have group consciousness:

1. Create a common goal

2. Recognize what you have to offer to the group and each individual in the group and give it.

aid others in their soul growth you will find the greatest fulfillment and come to understand the interconnectedness of all of humanity and all of Creation. As you are drawn to others – or draw others to you – of like mind who desire awareness of higher consciousness, you will find that you exist with your real, spiritual family. Then you will know your true soul mate.

To develop love and compassion, learn to be one with others. In order for there to be love there needs to be growth, change, and the expansion of consciousness. It is good to be needed. This can provide a sense of worth and value. Always remember to teach others to learn what you know so there is no dependency built. Help others to reach the next higher level in the soul understanding and awareness.

Thirty-three year old Angela, an accountant, had recently moved to Oklahoma City to take on a new position and be closer to her family. This was soon after the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building, the city was hurting and she knew it. She also knew helping heal that wound was a large part of why she had come.

I was on the large floral couch in the living area around midnight. I had chanted the “AUM”.

My petition had been “Dear God, aid me with direction as how to teach and heal within the city of OKC.”

Shortly after this I was engulfed within the most beautiful light. I had experienced this before, yet this time I was drawn to go beyond the Light and I perceived Intelligence;- this was the thought form, the essence of the vibration.

The answer to my question I believe was to go forth and aid others with my own intelligent direction as well are relying on that of God.

In her question for meditation, Angela had requested knowledge of how to aid others, specifically the people of the city of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Because she was thinking of others rather than just herself and seeking to help others to progress and learn and grow her consciousness was able to expand beyond her conscious mind and physical body.

She was engulfed in a light greater than her own conscious mind light. Because she expanded her desire to give and her givingness she was able to expand her ability to receive to a higher level than she had ever before experienced. She was able to go beyond this expanded light which signifies the ability and willingness to go beyond previous limitations to achieve much more in life in aiding others to peace, prosperity, and abundance and also in gaining greater enlightenment for the Self.

Sounds wonderful…but why don’t I already know it? Live it? Even sometimes want it?


Meditation and the conscious ego

Surrendering the conscious ego must occur in order for the individual to expand his or her consciousness. The conscious ego is by its very nature limited for it functions in the conscious mind and through that, the physical existence.

The only reason for not surrendering the conscious ego is you think you are at war with your environment and everyone in it. Therefore, you think you have to protect yourself. Your conscious ego is the way you as I AM manifest in the physical existence.

An ego at war with the world whether accepting a defensive or offensive position is always protective. This runs contrary to the nature of the Universe. The nature of the Universe is interconnectedness and without barriers. We each have our own identity and unique individuality and we are all intimately interconnected. This is why whatever you do affects the entire universe.

To expand your consciousness in meditation you can have no walls of separation or protection between you and all the universe including spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. When there are no walls and no barriers and you realize the full interconnectedness then there is receptivity.

A protected ego and surrendering the ego are mutually exclusive. The conscious ego must be surrendered so you may expand your consciousness into all of mind instead of only the seventh level, physical existence.

The conscious ego, your small self will be left behind as you expand your knowledge, wisdom, understanding and consciousness into the totality of I AM.

A protected ego and receptivity are mutually exclusive. Therefore, in meditation always be receptive. Be ready, prepared, and expectantly listening for the answer to your prayer, question, or petition. Ask for help in quickening the evolutionary process within yourself as well as solving your temporary physical problems.

Leave your small Self, your conscious ego, behind in meditation and expand to the High Self which is the greater you. Learn who you really are in meditation. Discover your assignment for this lifetime and gain a glimpse of who you will become.

 from Superconscious Meditation by Dr. Daniel R. Condron © 1998 School of Metaphysics


copyright 2002 School of Metaphysics



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