Studying the World’s Wisdom

Studying the World’s Wisdom

MAN AS CREATOR, studying the world’s wisdom

A Word about our Course of Study

Since its incorporation in 1973 as a not-for-profit organization, the School of Metaphysics has had one ruling passion – to aid any individual to become a whole functioning Self. The best way we express this ideal is through the lessons in mastering consciousness. In the past three years we have brought to ourselves the wisdom needed to complete the structure of the teachings.

Now our course is taught in four cycles. The first sixty-eight lessons originally taught in the ’70’s remain the backbone of the study up through the middle of the third cycle. Truth does not change, we do. Awarenesses born from decades of applying the principles and disciplines taught have revolutionized the first cycle of lessons and multiplied the advanced study into two cycles. The fourth cycle, the ADAM lessons, come from Superconscious Oracles. Now, the course is complete.

Time and again we are asked “What can you do with a degree in metaphysics?” At one time my answer was anything you imagine. My answer is deeper now. In fact, the answers I am finding now are intricately linked with the experience of September 11th. My answer now is live, completely, as a whole self.

Our friend Leonard Orr has pointed out more than once that it is something to ponder that people can go to school for years, graduate, and still lack knowledge of how to create. The School of Metaphysics builds upon the best in education. It takes it all to another level, elevating every situation because thought is cause. At our best we have always sought to bring out in ourselves and others that spark of Light that yearns to become a creator.


A fulfilled life is a life spent in the pursuit of excellence.

Our educational program teaches a rare and essential ability – how to learn.

The truly outstanding individual, the one history remembers, is constantly learning from life and giving back to life the best that he or she has to offer.

He is aware of the most important principles in life, seeking truths that are universal. He is acquainted with the value of time,

the success of perseverance,

the pleasure of working,

and the dignity of simplicity.

He understands the worth of character,

the power of kindness,

the influence of example,

and the obligation of duty.

He knows the wisdom of economy,

the virtue of patience,

the improvement of talent,

and the joy of origination.

With a strong belief in Self, he embraces each opportunity to learn and courageously lives a life reflecting the highest ideals shared by mankind.

copyright 2002 School of Metaphysics



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